Kia Puts Price Tag on New Soul EV

If you’re looking for a new Kia, South Miami is one of the best places in the country to find a great deal. However, Miami Lakes Kia, one of the top Kia South Miami dealerships, has the best selection and some of the most competitive pricing. We are excited to welcome the newest 2015 Kia models, including the all-new Soul EV — or electric vehicle. We are also excited that Kia has finally announced a price on the new Soul EV.

The new Kia Soul EV will come with a sticker price of Read the rest of this entry >>

When Leasing Might be the Better Option

As part of our mission to be the best South Miami Kia dealership, Miami Lakes Kia offers our customers options to buy or lease vehicles with competitive rates for both. Leasing and buying a vehicle can both offer many benefits, depending on your personal circumstances. It’s important that you understand what’s involved in both and take a serious look at your finances to determine which is the better option for you.

Here are a few times when leasing might be the better option for you:

You Need to Lower Costs

The monthly payment for leasing a car can be half as much as buying a car. The exact cost depends on Read the rest of this entry >>

Why You Should Always Sell Your Car to the Dealership

Selling your car can help you raise a lot of money fast. You can use it to purchase your next vehicle, to pay off debts, or to take care of other personal expenses, such as upgrades to your home or taking that vacation you’ve been dreaming of for years.

You have many options for where to sell your car, but there’s only one place where you should sell your car: Your local dealership. Here are a few reasons why you should always sell your car at your local dealership, such as top Miami South Kia dealership, Miami Lakes Kia:

Instant Cash Offer

When you try to sell your car to an individual buyer, you’re going to have to Read the rest of this entry >>

Why Kia is the Best Choice for Those on a Budget

Why Kia is the Best Budget Brand

Times are still tough for everyone. The choice you make for your next car can have a big impact on your finances, from how much you pay for the car to how much you spend on maintaining it.

Fortunately, the choice is easy with Kia. At Miami Lakes Kia, South Miami, FL‘s top Kia dealership, you can choose from a wide selection.

Here are a few reasons why Kia is the best choice for those on a budget:

Low Selling Price

Whatever Kia model you choose, you can get it at a very affordable price. Kia has a reputation for Read the rest of this entry >>

Best Kia Models for Back to School

With the kids gearing up to go back to school, you likely have a mile-long list of things you need to buy to get ready. This year, your kids might be participating in more activities, like your son joining the basketball team or your daughter playing soccer. You might be looking at transporting a whole lot more gear than you’re used to.

It might be time to add a new vehicle to that back-to-school list. If you live in South Florida, Miami Lakes Kia is the place to go for a new Kia. We welcome former customers of the shuttered Kia Kendall Miami as well as current customers of other dealerships to visit us and learn why we are the superior dealership. Here are a few of the best Kia models we carry for back to school:

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How Often Should You Get Your Tires Rotated?

Tire Rotation - Kendall Kia Miami

Miami Lakes Kia has always offered some of the best automotive repairs and service in the Miami area, and we have been happy to welcome former customers of Kendall Kia Miami and to prove that to them.

Our trained technicians perform all types of maintenance and repairs, but one of the most common questions we get from our customers is how often they should have their tires rotated.

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How to Get Lower Car Insurance Rates

The purchase price is just the first of many expenses involved in owning a vehicle. Your monthly car insurance payment can also add up your costs quickly. As one of the top Kia dealerships in the area and the primary successor to Kendall Kia, Miami Lakes Kia strives to offer our customers some of the best prices on new vehicles.

You can, however, take steps to control these and other costs associated with your vehicle. Here are a few easy ways to get lower car insurance rates:

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Top Benefits of Buying from a Kia Dealership

Miami Lakes Kia delights in welcoming new customers and showing them what they’ve been missing when shopping for a new car. Whether you come to us from closed dealerships like the former Kia Kendall Miami or you are discovering Kia for the first time, we are confident that we can give you an experience like none other when buying a car.

Here are just a few of the top benefits of buying from a Kia dealership:

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