Kia is Ready to Serve Drinks at SEMA

By Caroline Tremblay | Posted in Kia Dealers on Monday, November 3rd, 2014 at 8:00 am


Kia has a lively set of concept models for this year’s SEMA show in Vegas. From a rolling beer bar to go-kart racing central, they’re definitely showing off some creativity.

Kia’s theme for this year is “A Day at the Races,” so each of their models showcases an exciting aspect of a fun time at the track. It’s a really great way for the brand to highlight the influence that motorsports have had on the lineup.

And while several of their concepts are geared toward more practical uses, one went purely performance. A souped up version of the K900 is ready to give show-goers of glimpse of high-powered luxury.

Kia dealers are really excited for the company’s concepts to take the stage tomorrow. Take a closer look at what each of Kia’s race day specials has to offer.

Ballast Point Sedona


If you’ve ever been at an event and wished that someone would just pull up and offer you a beer, Kia has your solution.

This Sedona gone bar has a mahogany shell and a flip-up roof so it can be open for business. It can accommodate four half-barrel kegs and is designed for easy cleaning with a hose.

Smitten Ice Cream Soul EV

kia-soul-ev-smitten-ice-cream-sema-concept-Kia Dealers

How could you not be smitten with this hip little dairy bar setup? With rooftop speakers to send out that   classic ice cream truck call, it’s one of the sweetest concepts we’ve ever seen.

A tiny trailer in the back folds out to create an ice cream stand for anyone with a sweet tooth who comes running.

Go-Kart Hauling Sedona

Kia Motors America SEMA 2014 "A Day at the Races" -Kia Dealers

With another wildly different take on the Sedona, Kia brought one completely outfitted for go-karting. It features a fully equipped cargo setup in the rear for equipment storage.

And it also has karts mounted on both the roof and an attached trailer. It’s certainly in keeping with the theme, and it makes us want to go for a spin.

High-Performance K900

2015-kia-k900-sema-Kia Dealers

Kia’s K900 is the most lavish member of their lineup. It’s represented by LeBron James, the king of cool himself.

Though we’d love to tell you more about how Kia managed to make their already supremely luxurious flagship even more enticing, you’ll just have to wait.

Aside from knowing about its custom body kit, smooth gray paint job, and shiny black wheels, we’re waiting or more details from SEMA tomorrow too.

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