Mitsubishi Motors Dendo Drive House Receives Hive 50 Innovator Award

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During the spring, one of the largest auto shows took place all the way on the other side of the world in Switzerland. Yes, it was the 2019 Geneva International Motor Show , during which time many automakers and technology companies unveil all sorts of new cars and commercial products. There was one automaker that we could say stole the show, and that’s Mitsubishi Motors with their Dendo Drive House, an eco-friendly system that acts as a house as well as a very large battery. This new housing system quickly gained a lot of attention and opened the doors for Mitsubishi with the resources available to the automaker through the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance. Furthermore, with the Alliance Ventures funding campaign , Mitsubishi was able to invest in The Mobility House . Now, Mitsubishi Motors was honored as a HIVE 50 Innovator by Hanley Wood Magazine for the innovative Dendo Drive House.

The Dendo Drive House (DDH), in short, is a home system that makes use of renewable energy for a cleaner, greener ecosystem, while also fulfilling the needs of the everyday consumer in their everyday home. Because the DDH is a house first and a technological advancement second, the entire house is powered via electricity converted from solar energy. Solar energy is collected via solar panels equipped around the home. This energy is then converted into electricity and stored in a large home battery. This battery, when fully charged, is able to power the entire house and many of the daily appliances consumers use all day. With the use of a bi-directional charger, the house can also make use of any extra energy generated after the battery is completely charged.

This extra energy can travel from the house battery through a bi-directional charger to recharge a battery electric vehicle (EV) or plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) sitting in the consumer’s garage. If the vehicle is not in-use or the home battery starts getting low, it can then pull energy back from the car through the bi-directional charger to power the house. This is just the beginning of how convenient the DDH is. Not only does it serve multiple electrical purposes, but with the use of a DDH, consumers have the opportunity to save money on their electricity bills by using an ever-lasting, completely free energy source. Plus, because the entire home is powered by a battery, the home will still have power in emergency situations, such as during blackouts or power shortages that would otherwise affect everyone on the block.

At the HIVE conference, held by Hanley Wood, every year the Hive 50 award list is put together to recognize people, products, and processes that are leading the industry and paving the way for new, more creative, and better ways to build. When it comes to the HIVE 50 Innovator award, companies that emphasize strength, functionality, and beauty within the building and construction industries receive the award. It goes without saying that Mitsubishi Motors received this award for its futuristic, eco-friendly Dendo Drive House.

With plans to start making the DDH system available around the world, Mitsubishi Motors has already made the package available for purchase by consumers at select Mitsubishi Motors dealerships in its home country of Japan. This package will include the sale, installation, and maintenance of the system and its various components. In time, the DDH will be available in America. Follow along with us on Miami Lakes Mitsubishi social media to find out when.

Photo Source/Copyright: Mitsubishi Motors and Hive 50

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