Mitsubishi Electric Starts New Building Management System Business

By Jordan Rodriguez | Posted in Mitsubishi Dealer in Miami on Friday, February 25th, 2022 at 1:33 am

Mitsubishi Electric has been doing some pretty fancy things lately when it comes to technology and the features we might see in future automobiles or even entire buildings. Based on what the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show, Mitsubishi Electric showed us its world vision for digital and mobile living spaces, robotics, and being able to do more than work remotely, but operate physical robotic surrogates to do jobs that require machinery, electric work, or heavy lifting. Mitsubishi Electric also designed SUSTIE, a ZEB building that uses so a small amount of energy, it actually generates it throughout the year. In Feb 2022, Mitsubishi Electric announced the details of its New Building Systems subsidiary. Details are slim, but could this be the integration of SUSTIE into all building systems owned by Mitsubishi Motoes Corp (MMC)?

Mitsubishi Electric Building Solutions Corporation, a new subsidiary to be established in April 2022 is the first building systems management business by the company. With the announcement, Mitsubishi Electric shared that it would be integrating its building systems following a split in October. With Mitsubishi Electric having its hands in many things, from home electronics to city infrastructure, the company needs to start building teams that can focus on one thing and make it great. The summary of the business talks about development, manufacture, sales, installation, maintenance, repair, etc. of building management systems, as well as systems that can be maintained and monitored by such. Sounds a lot like the SUSTIE building.

The SUSTIE building was a net zero-energy building (ZEB) testing facility building, the small of a medium-sized office building with 211888 cubic-feet of floor space. Equipped with solar panels all around the building, the ZEB operating technology optimizes building operations is used to collect and store energy for later use in the building’s power grid. This type of building is also known as a Building Energy Management System (BEMS). Over months of testing, Mitsubishi Electric tested this kind of technology on a regularly built structure and found that it could reduce energy costs by $500/month. Now, what could they do if they used the same technology on a BEMS?

They found that with a SUSTIE building and ZEB technology, they can build a structure that uses zero-percent energy. It sounds crazy, but the SUSTIE building a 115-percent reduction in energy use by the end of its year-long trial. That means the building actually generated 15-percent more energy needed to run the building without spending a dime. It’s a much larger version of the Dendo Drive House. Does anyone remember that exhibit during the 2019 Geneva International Motor Show? Mitsubishi Electric presented an entire house that runs on solar panels with a large home battery that transfers the energy to lighting, HVAC systems, appliance and electronics, and even a plug-in hybrid or electric vehicle (EV) in the garage if consumers have one.It all started with that project between Mitsubishi Motors, ENGIE, and Hitachi Europe Ltd to create clean energy with a BEMS that transfers excess energy into a plug-in hybrid – the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV for this experiment. Years later, Mitsubishi Electric took that project and really did make a zero-energy building with SUSTIE. Could we see this kind of technology in the city, or at least in Japan, with all that talk about building and infrastructure during the 2022 CES? Follow along with us on Miami Lakes Mitsubishi social media to learn more.

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