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February 1st, 2024 by

Silver Jeep Wagoneer S EV SUV White BuildingIn a recent revelation, Jeep tantalizingly teased the forthcoming Wagoneer S, the automaker’s first electric SUV to grace US roads later this year (2024). In a blink-and-the moment will flash by, Jeep’s social media accounts posted and has since deleted official images of the eagerly anticipated electric vehicle surfaced, only to be swiftly removed. Fortunately, anxious fans captured these fleeting glimpses, offering a captivating preview of the production-ready Wagoneer S.

The visuals resemble the 2022 concept (pictured below) in striking detail, exuding a distinct allure with echoes of the Range Rover Velar’s captivating design language.

Jeep is positioning the Wagoneer S as an exclusively electric offering, slated to debut in the US this fall (2024). However, Stellantis doesn’t plan on holding the electric SUV’s allure hostage to North American shores. The Wagoneer S will share the stage with its gas-powered counterparts, the Wagoneer, and Grand Wagoneer, offering discerning customers a range of options, including an extended wheelbase. Powering the 2025 Wagoneer S will be an all-wheel-drive system driven by a duo of electric motors. The confirmed 600 horsepower and a surge of instant torque propels the serene SUV to 60 mph in a mere 3.5 seconds.

Recent disclosures from Jeep’s parent company, Stellantis, shed light on the advanced STLA Large Platform, underpinning the Wagoneer S. Set to debut in 2024, this cutting-edge architecture will support the forthcoming models, with Jeep and Dodge leading the charge in North America. Stellantis aims to introduce eight electric vehicles across five brands by 2026, showcasing the platform’s adaptability.

Engineered in both 400- and 800-volt configurations, the STLA Large Platform boasts battery packs ranging from 85.0 to 118.0 kilowatt-hours. While sedans can achieve up to 500 miles of range, the inherently heavier SUVs, such as the Wagoneer S, may exhibit slightly reduced efficiency. The dimensions of vehicles underpinned by this platform range from 187.6 to 201.8 inches in length 74.7 to 79.9 inches in width, with a wheelbase spanning 113.0 to 121.1 inches.

Thanks to Stellantis’ commitment to enhancing “propulsion system performance” through over-the-air updates, Jeep enthusiasts can anticipate even swifter performance. While the Wagoneer S is an all-electric marvel, the STLA Large platform’s versatility extends to supporting combustion engines and hybrid powertrains, ensuring a dynamic and future-ready driving experience.


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