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December 2nd, 2022 by

2019-Dodge Challenger-SRT-Hellcat-Widebody Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Widebody

Dodge has disclosed their massive EV take over projects for their direct future and beyond, but they took one forte from the past and added it back to the 2023 Challenger SRT class; the stick-shift manual transmission alternative. Taking share of the electric motor terrain for muscle vehicles and pioneering the next era to cater towards contemporary technology is precisely the proper direction drivers want and should desire to become satisfied with. The next decade will cast many new names and vehicle endeavors regarding electric and electric-hybrid rides. This is the norm for the automotive industry, but what separates Dodge is the explicit direction toward world-class velocity and driver handling behind top-end braking capabilities. That will not alter as the brand moves towards the EV pr.

We’ve Waited For This EV Transformation

The first and highly anticipated Dodge electric EV is close to seeing its production run reach dealerships. The vehicle is “so brilliant that it is shocking,” Carlos Tavares, CEO of parent company Stellantis, announced with regards to the Dodge brand and its future flagship muscle car. The plan to supply a dual-EV-battery As optimistic points of view have directed the brand from the top down. We’re more than excited to see the coming months and years ahead as the launch of these next-gen vehicles comes next year. For now, as we’ve prompted our readers to note, now more than ever is the final streak of months to gain access to this current generation of muscle vehicles.

As Dodge Grows Ahead, We Have the 2022 and 2023 Coming To Our Line-Up

Of course, those who want a purely gasoline-oriented vehicle can opt for the current generation that is brand new, and the latest tech. Owners can opt for the existing offerings including the collection we feel defines a fantastic model year that is the last of a generation with the 2023 class. Everything is as dialed in as the brand will be for this generation with these Dodge Charger and Dodge Challenger muscle rides as well as the Dodge Durango vehicles . We accommodate our buyers to shop today with our goal to help every client drive these unique and highly-sought after rides back home or to their destinations.

Wrap Up This Holiday Season Driving With the Fastest Muscle of Them All!

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