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1967 Dodge Coronet

1967 Dodge Coronet

Miami Lakes Dodge is the only Dodge dealer in Miami that offers you unique insight on past and present Dodge models. And if you’re a Dodge historian, then you must know about the Dodge Coronet, a stunning, iconic vehicle that remained on the market from 1945 to 1976 for an impressive seven generations.

While the Dodge Coronet has been off the market for almost forty years, the vehicle still stands as one of the most memorable models to ever appear in the Dodge lineup. Get revved up, because it’s time for another Dodge history lesson!

Early Years

The Coronet was one the first Dodge vehicles to emerge following World War II. The first generation of Coronet models were notable for its three-speed, fluid-driven transmission that required no shift. Early models were also identifiable due to the oblong shape of their body and six-cylinder engine that allowed the vehicle to drive smoothly on the road.

Getting a Makeover

Following the success of the first generation, Dodge decided to give the Coronet several makeovers in the 1950’s that new trim lines added to the lineup including 4-door station wagons, 2 or 4-door sedans, and hardtop coupes. Various options for paint colors and luxury fabrics were also included. Over the course of the decade, the body of the car grew to 217 inches in length.

The Move to Intermediate

After a brief disappearance in the early 1960’s, the Dodge Coronet entered its fifth generation in 1965, albeit as an intermediate-sized car. Trim levels included the base Coronet along with two Deluxe versions, the Coronet 440 and the Coronet 550. This generation proved to be quite popular as the Coronet was the highest selling Dodge model of the year in 1965.

Later Years

As the Coronet moved into the 1970’s, it received even more changes to its appearance as Dodge gave the Coronet a more square shape. Sales began to decrease at the start of the decade due to the American fuel crisis and the market becoming heavily saturated with other Dodge models. The last Coronet models were produced in the 1976.

The Dodge Coronet is a must-have for collectors and its reputation as a classic car it well deserved. Purchase other quality Dodge vehicles at our dealership today!

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