Dodge Hornet Brings Massive Attention In 2023

Dodge has placed a lot of emphasis on growing the brand with EV options. Among those is the new Dodge Hornet, a mid-sized SUV that is based off the Alfa Romeo platform. Those EV options will be offered in the upcoming Dodge mid-size vehicle. The Alfa Romeo Tamale is a popular SUV option that is a focal point for their SUV success. Dodge naturally wanted to put the vehicle in a safer environment. The Dodge Hornet nameplate first reached the public display at the 2006 Geneva Motor Show as a thoughtful and forward-thinking concept for a mid-size SUV.

Dodge Building Next-Gens With 2023 Release

The Dodge brand has put forth a new series known as the “Last Call” for buyers to get their hands on the new 2023 Dodge Charger and 2023 Dodge Challenger special editions expected to debut out in a small variety. We’ve discovered six special edition rides available for customers in a short supply, as little as 200 or 300 vehicles were made depending on the vehicle. Dodge has put together the Kelley Blue Book’s Best Car Styling Brand Image award for the 4th year in a row. The first and highly anticipated Dodge electric EV is close to seeing its production run reach dealerships as a year or so from now we will have them. The vehicle is “so brilliant that it is shocking,” Carlos Tavares, CEO of parent company Stellantis, stated with regards to the Dodge brand and its future flagship muscle car.

The massive goal to offer a dual-EV-battery offers optimistic points of view that have directed the brand from the top to every engineer. We’re more than excited to see the coming months and years ahead as the launch of these next-gen vehicles comes next year. For now, as we’ve prompted our readers to note, now more than ever is the final streak of months to gain access to this current generation of muscle cars. That’s a worthwhile thought when car shopping. Want to buy or lease the newest Dodge rides? Come to us at Miami Lakes Automall to make 2023 begin in a special way!

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