Chevy’s Alternative Fuel Engines on 2017 Heavy-Duty Trucks

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Alternative fuel engines

Alternative fuel engines

The growing need and want for alternative fuel options in vehicles is more prevalent than ever before. What is interesting is that many truck drivers care about fuel efficiency and alternative fuel options. That is why Chevy has partnered with Power Solutions International (PSI), a well-known company for alternative fuel, to create heavy-duty trucks that are fuel efficient, durable and strong.

Types of Alternative Fuel

There are many different types of alternative fuels and some alternative fuels are more popular and beneficial than others. Some of the most popular types of alternative fuels include natural gas, hydrogen, and of course, electric and they each have their own benefits and drawbacks.

The most popular fuel alternative option is electric vehicles. These vehicles use absolutely no gas or fuel of any sort because they are powered by battery that is charged by electricity. These vehicles are becoming increasingly popular as they have evolved to last longer between charges, as well as create just as much power as fuel run vehicles.

Chevy already has one electric vehicle, the all-new 2017 Chevy Bolt. The Bolt is powered by a 16 kWh lithium-ion battery and it can travel up to 238 miles on a single charge without releasing a single tailpipe emission.

Natural gas is an alternative fuel that has been available on heavy-duty and light-duty trucks for a few years and it is slowly becoming more popular. Natural gas is fuel efficient, affordable and it produces much less harmful emissions than gas and diesel engines because it burns cleaner. In addition to the improvement in emissions and distance, natural gas is a good choice for alternative fuels because it is already revalent in the automotive, housing and energy industries.

Then there is the use of hydrogen as an alternative fuel. Hydrogen is a step up from natural gas because it releases no harmful emissions whatsoever. Hydrogen can be used in combination with natural gas or in fuel-cell vehicles that run on pure electric power.

PSI and Chevy Alternative Fuel Options

Now that we have a better understanding of alternative fuels, it is time to talk specifics. PSI and Chevy are working together to produce a 6.0-liter V8 engine that runs on compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). LPG is basically a mixture of gases that come from natural gas processing. It is a mixture of hydrocarbon gases like butane, propane, and others.

This engine will be available on five different truck and van models, the Chevy Express Cargo, Express Passenger, Express Cutaway, Silverado HD and Low Cab Forward 3500 and 4500 models. According to GM (General Motors), those new models will be available in the beginning of 2017.

In addition to those five alternative fuel vehicles, Chevy also has the all-electric Chevy Bolt, a PHEV, the Chevy Bolt, and a hybrid, the Chevy Malibu. You can search all of Miami Lakes Chevy’s inventory online here .

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