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August 10th, 2014 by

Dodge RAM Miami EcoDiesel

Miami Lakes Dodge RAM is the best place to get a quality Dodge RAM in Miami ! We offer a diverse inventory of RAM trucks that will suit any of your life needs. There’s also a new feature to our latest RAM models that you absolutely need to know!

We’re talking about the 2014 Dodge RAM 1500 EcoDiesel, and it’s the single-most important development in RAM technology to date.

The EcoDiesel is the first light-duty diesel engine that features reduced emissions and great fuel economy. Want to know more? Let Miami Lakes Dodge RAM give you a glimpse into why the EcoDiesel is so special.

Quality Fuel Economy: Nobody wants a pickup truck that seemingly exists to guzzle gas and cost more money. Luckily, the RAM’s EcoDiesel engine is known for its amazing fuel economy that leaves Chevrolet and Ford fuming with envy. While Chevrolet and Ford pickup trucks boast 23 and 22 highway mpg respectively, the RAM EcoDiesel boasts an impressive 28 highway. The EcoDiesel outclasses and outperforms its competitors by a wide margin!

Quality Emissions: Are you tired of burning gas with your full-size pickup? With the EcoDiesel, you’ll avoid this possibility altogether as the EcoDiesel engine contains an oxidation system that will CO2 emissions. In addition, the diesel in the engine will burn cleaner than regular gasoline, so it’s an engine that is both emissions and environmental friendly!

Quality Diesel: The most obvious feature to the EcoDiesel engine is that runs entirely on diesel instead of the usual gasoline. But you may not know is how superior a diesel engine can be compared to an engine running on gasoline. The EcoDiesel engine is so awesome because a gallon of diesel can take you further any gallon of gas, which is especially beneficial during long road trips. You’ll spend less time shelling out money for gas and more time on the road!

Come on down to Miami Lakes Dodge RAM today to learn more about the EcoDiesel engine. All the latest RAM models have it, so purchase one at our dealership!

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