The 2011 Dakota is the Best Used Ram Truck Deal

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2011 Dakota Black

2011 Dakota Black

Taking a look through a used RAM truck dealers lot? Well, the truck you should be looking for is the 2011 Dakota; if you want the best Ram used truck deal, of course. According to, it’s not only the best used Ram truck out there, but also placed 2nd in their best used trucks for under $10,000 list. The club cab configuration is said to be particularly appealing, and the performance for one is pretty good for a 2011 model. While it might not be stellar, it’s all relative to the price tag.

Along with Autobytel rating it as the #2 truck for under 10 grand, there are numerous 5-star consumer reviews on *__ * that back up the #2 ranking.

Perfect Size, Even With a Club Cab

One of the favorite features of the 2011 Dakota is it’s size. Numerous reviewers were saying how the size is perfect. It lives up to it’s name as a mid-size truck, seeing as it’s easy to park and maneuver, but still big enough with the club cab to hold 4 people comfortably in the front and back. All while still having a truck-bed that’s big enough to hold whatever you might need.

Consumers were also commenting on how the 2011 Dakota is a truck that feels firmly planted to the road, and handles extremely well. The crew cab also allows for easy access to the front and rear seats, and the overall interior is roomy and conveniently laid out.

The club cab seems the way to go. But, even if you can’t find one with a club cab, the overall performance will remain the same.


Which is also something consumers are praising. For the 2011 model year, the Dakota has the option of a 4.7-liter V8 engine; and it’s the one everyone is raving about. This engine also came paired with 4×4 capability, which makes it a beast in the snow. Also, for a 2011 truck with a V8 engine, 14 mpg city and 18 mpg highway aren’t bad numbers.

Especially since that V8 produces 302 horsepower and 329 pound feet of torque, which gives it a towing capacity of 7,250 pounds, if properly equipped.

All Relative to Price

The reason why the 2011 Dakota is considered the best used Ram truck deal, is because of everything it offers for the price. It’s able to provide consumers with a vehicle that is practical, comfortable, efficient, performs well under hazardous conditions, and isn’t afraid to get dirty. All for a low price. The 2011 Dakota ranges anywhere from $9,479 – $25,111 for an asking price range on Keep in mind, that depends on trim level, mileage, condition, and other factors.

The size and performance are only the two main features of the 2011 Ram Dakota that consumer’s praised. If you read the reviews on it, you will see many more. Based on the 5-star ratings coupled with an affordable low-price, it’s clear why the Dakota is the best used Ram truck deal.

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