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Yes, we’re back again, talking a little about Kia Motors and their involvement with the League of Legends European Championship (LEC). The LEC needed a sponsor and Kia Motors saw a great opportunity to add another investment in eSports to their portfolio. That’s right, Kia Motors has also played their hand in eSports when they sponsored Counter Logic Gaming’s Rocket League team in the past, the 2018 FIFA World Cup, and the 2019 Australian Open. For the first time, the League of Legends European Championship Summer Finals 2019 is taking place in Athens, and with Kia Motors Corp sponsoring the event, they took the exposure to connect with millions of eSports fans.

The event has already passed, at the Olympic Athletic Center of Athens from Sept. 7-8. Man, that was rough to watch, but FNC at the end crushed the enemy nexus. For those not familiar with multiplayer online battle arena games, that means they won. During the tournament, Kia Motors opted to connect with fans and the younger generation by displaying the All-New Kia Ceed and New Sportage models, and also ran one of two commercial overseas, seen below.

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It probably doesn’t make any sense to normal consumers. To fans to League of Legends, this is covered with inside jokes. Regardless, it’s one of the ways Kia Motors makes use of the tournament to highlight some of their vehicles. Although multiple models are showcased in the commercial, during the event, the Ceed and Sportage models were displayed beside the broadcasting booth. The Kia Ceed is a model overseas that we most likely won’t see in the states. It’s a hatchback that looks like the Kia Soul if it was a little longer and was the little brother of an SUV. Either way, we can see the appeal, but we’re not sure why the Kia Sportage crossover was on display. Perhaps Kia Motors also wants to impress eSports fans that also come from a family of four or more.

“Through our collaborative marketing with LEC, which enjoys the most innovative competition among different leagues around the world, Kia Motors has been able to approach the younger generations and get close to them naturally…Kia Motors expresses its deep appreciation to the tournament organizer and video game developer Riot Games for its steady support throughout 2019. We hope to continue our excellent partnership.” – Artur Martins, the Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Kia Motors

One of the best ways to make friends with someone is to share similar interests. By working with Riot Games, Kia Motors has placed itself in the spotlight for a whole generation of consumers. Although the Kia Ceed and Sportage were the only physical models, the commercials also highlighted the Kia Stinger, all-New e-Niro (also known as the Kia Niro EV), new Sportage, all-New Kia Ceed, and Kia Stonic models.

On a worldwide scale, the number of esports fans is estimated to reach 422 million people in 2019. That’s quite the jump from 281 million in 2016. By 2023, that number is expected to top 600 million. Jumping on the bandwagon now is probably one of the smartest marketing moves Kia Motors could have done. What do you think? Join the discussion on Miami Lakes Kia social media.

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