Kia and Hyundai Create Self-Driving Communication System

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Miami Lakes Auto Kia Self-Driving

Miami Lakes Auto Kia Self-Driving

Autonomous self-driving and semi-autonomous vehicles have been picking up speed in technology, popularity, and practicality these last few years. Every auto maker seems to have a concept or even prototype out, and the basic setup is pretty clear-cut. Making use of sensors, GPS devices, and cameras seem to be the norm for self-driving vehicles. Hyundai and Kia Motors are changing up the autonomous car game with a new self-driving system.

This month, Hyundai and Kia announced their new advanced vehicle-road communication system that they will integrate into their current autonomous driving technology. Unlike today’s tech setup for self-driving vehicles, where on board cameras, radars, and sensors are used, the new tech from Hyundai and Kia will work a little differently. Cameras, radars, and sensors are a great start, but they don’t create a comprehensive enough picture of a car’s surroundings. They may be good for getting around, but when it comes to weather, pedestrians, and other road obstacles only humans are used to navigating around, such devices fall a bit short.

Enter V2X, technology by Hyundai and Kia that will make it possible for vehicles to exchange information in real-time with special signal relay stations and closed circuit TVs placed along the road. This will offer the ability to not only navigate the road and operate around signal lights, but will also help with navigating between other cars and pedestrians. The system has already been integrated into a vehicle that will be tested on 14-kilometer stretch of road in Hwaseong, south of Seoul, South Korea. It will be the main focus of their research to verify the validity, effectiveness, and soundness of the system as they move forward with autonomous vehicles in the auto industry.

Given that Hyundai already received a license for self-driving cars and plans to launch self-driving technology later this year, this technology will do well to move forward the government-supported program they’d had since June 2016. If Hyundai and Kia manage to also integrate their voice-recognition technology with kakao into those first self-driving vehicles, then it will really feel like the future.

What do you think of all this? Self-driving vehicles are becoming more advanced and we’re slowly getting closer to an autonomous car industry. Let’s talk more about it on social media.

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