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Mopar is a car parts and accessories company for FCA brand vehicles including Dodge, Chrysler, Ram and Jeep. Since it began in 1937, the Mopar brand has also paired with FCA brands and assisted in the design of a few select special model edition FCA vehicles, including the all-new ‘16 Mopar Ram Rebel.

Mopar sells a variety of parts and accessories like Jeep tops, decals, and spare tire covers. While some parts can be easily added on by a vehicle owner, other Mopar parts and add-ons such as lift kits, wheels, and spoilers are better off being installed by a mechanic. Here are four popular Mopar accessories available at Miami Lakes Automall for each of our FCA brands – Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge and Ram.


A common Mopar add on for Dodge performance vehicles including the Charger and Challenger is a cold air intake. Mopar sells a few different cold air intakes for Dodge vehicles, including one for a 6.4-liter engine. A cold air intake system is engineered to force cooler air in from outside the engine compartment, and funnel it into the engine’s intake. The cooler air being forced into the engine provides additional horsepower and torque. What driver with a performance car wouldn’t love this?


The Mopar remote start system can be installed in any Chrysler vehicle from the 300 through the all new Pacifica. This is both a convenience feature and if you have kids, a safety feature because it allows you to cool the vehicle off before getting into a sweltering hot car.


Adding a Mopar hitch receiver cap to a Ram truck is common among Ram drivers. This feature is made as a protection piece for your hitch, but also provides style with the Ram logo on it. Drivers also take this opportunity to add some personality to their truck by adding a receiver cap with the logo of their favorite sports team.

Mopar sells many different Mopar items that add custom style to any Ram truck. The Mopar hitch receiver cap is just one of the items. Check out some Mopar chrome exhaust tips to add some flair to the stock exhaust pipe. The chrome exhaust tip is available in both 4-inch and 3-inch styles and can be added to Ram trucks with a variety of engines.


Sun bonnets by Mopar provide and open and clear sunroof view for both hard-top and soft-top Wrangler models. The sun bonnet is a see through convertible like top made out of the same material as the Wrangler soft top.

Lift kit’s are also popular for Jeep Wrangler models. Mopar lift kits contain many parts necessary to add ground clearance and off-road capability to any Jeep Wrangler. Coil springs, shocks, a track bar, alignment cams, stabilizer bar links, cable relocation brackets, and a high-capacity steering stabilizer kit all come with the lift kit, as well as the necessary instruments and tools to install the kit according to Mopar.

Purchase an FCA car or truck at Miami Lakes Auto Mall, and customize it with Mopar parts.

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