The Jeep Wave, Seven-Slot Grille and Round Headlights – A History Lesson!

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jeep history and iconic features

jeep history and iconic features

Jeep has been producing vehicles for more than 75 years and throughout the decades, Jeep has developed some iconic design elements that no other automaker could even try to borrow. Along with their unique style, the Jeep brand has slowly expanded into more than just an auto brand, but they have also become a lifestyle brand as well. Here’s a closer look at some of the everyday things that make people think of the Jeep brand.

 Jeep Wave

The Jeep wave is basically a special “hi” Jeepers exchange with one another when they pass on the road or off-roading. Jeepers like feeling connected and like they are a club or group, which is one of the reasons for the wave. However, the history and reason behind the wave goes much deeper than connecting with fellow Jeepers.

The first Jeep models were made for and used in combat and for soldier transportation during World War II and that was the original method soldiers would use to say “hello” to each other.

Signature Seven-Slot Grille

Whether you drive the newest Jeep, the Renegade or the popular Jeep Wrangler, all Jeep models have a seven-slot grille. This features is iconic and even caused Jeep to go into a lawsuit at one point with Hummer, as it is Jeeps trademark. Although, it has more to it than a cool style.

The seven-slot grille was not always the grille on the Jeep. Back in the day, when Jeeps were produced by Ford, they has a nine-slot grille, but this grille was trademarked by Ford, so once Jeep became its own brand, they needed to change to something they could trademark for themselves. Thus, the birth of the seven-slot grille.

There is no clear explanation for why Jeep went with the seven-slot grille, but there are some unique theories out there. One theory is that Jeep was the first vehicle to be on all seven continents. Once again, these are just theories, and unproven theories at that! Still pretty cool to speculate and use your imagination.

Jeep Wrangler’s Round Headlights

Round headlights were on every car back in the day, but not so much anymore. Most vehicle did away with the round headlights and have their own unique shape or sleek design. However, Jeep was one of the few brands to keep the round headlights and they are now a huge distinctive and iconic feature of a Jeep. Fun fact, for about a decade in the ‘80s and ‘90s, Jeep tried out square headlights, but these vehicles didn’t sell well, so Jeep brought back the round design and that is still the way the Jeep Wrangler is today.

Next Up, “X” Taillights

The Jeep Renegade has only been on the market since 2015, so it’s a little too soon for their unique “X” tail lights to become too well-known, but without a doubt, their unique design will become just as recognizable as the Jeep Wrangler’s iconic round headlights. The “X” design is  derived from Army Jerry Cans according to Car and Driver. Jerry cans were often carried on old Jeep Willy models while on patrol or on duty during the World War II days.

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Photo source: The Fun Times Guide

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