Jeep Brings the Compass Model to the Melfi Plant

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Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) is not only celebrating 25 years of the Melfi Plant in Europe, it’s also starting to test the next-generation Jeep Compass at the location, along with completing electrification plans at the plant. Thanks to the growing success of the Compass model launched in 2016, Jeep is ready to conquer the European market and is moving production directly to the Italian plant. The plug-in hybrid variant of both the Renegade and Compass models will be manufactured at the Melfi plant is Basilicata, the same plant that’s been responsible for the production of over 7.4 million vehicles since 1994.

FCA announced a 5 billion Euro investment plan for Italy a while back, with the electrification intentions at the forefront. Notorious for its excellence as an Italian car factory, Melfi will now be the home for technological innovation as well. Back in 2014, the Melfi plant was chosen to manufacture the first-ever Jeep Renegade. Today over 900,000 Jeep Renegade vehicles have rolled off the assembly line at Melfi. Production of the plug-in hybrid variants of the Renegade and Compass are slated to begin sometime in 2020, enabling FCA to respond to customer needs and adapt to market dynamics in a timely manner.

Part of a much wider investment plan, the production of the Jeep Compass is just the tip of the iceberg. Jeep also intends to introduce 13 all-new or revamped models in the coming years, along with a sturdy electrification plan — 12 electric versions of new or existing models in the lineup are scheduled to arrive in the coming years. The Melfi plant is also highly-regarded because in 2015 it hosted the very first “Plant Academy” program alongside the launch of the Renegade. Part of the “Plant Academy” concept involves using the plants as breeding grounds for new ideas and experiments, as well as functioning as a talent factory in developing employee’s potential. The “Plant Academy” model played a big role in FCA’s electrification strategy and inspired other FCA manufacturing and assembly plants to implement the same program.

Melfi will be the home for Jeep’s next chapter, with its legendary history of adventure, authenticity, and passion. The Compass model itself has proved to be one of global appeal, specifically designed with European roads in mind. Both the Compass and Renegade make up the best-selling Jeep models in Europe, which is why electrification of the lineup is slated to launch with these two. The brand heavily invests in the Compass because it is the model that plays the biggest strategic role even if the fervor hasn’t really caught on stateside — yet! FCA aims to not only electrify the Jeep lineup across the globe, but it also intends to bring together an e-Mobility team that’ll be responsible for coordinating all activities related to electric mobility. By the time the first electrified Jeep model drives off the production line, Jeep will be sure to offer customers everything they need from an electric car.

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