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At our Dodge dealership , several of our customers are first-timers looking to purchase their first ever Dodge vehicle. It’s always an absolute thrill to introduce someone to the world of Dodge and part of makes our line of work so special.

However, there are a few realities many first-time car owners don’t realize when they purchase a Dodge vehicle, and it’s best to be aware of them so, if you are a first-time Dodge owner, you can avoid falling into the same traps over and over again!

1. Don’t Plan on Getting the Best Rates.

This tip applies more to younger first-time Dodge owners, especially high school and college kids looking for a cool car to drive across campus. If you’re a younger person, you’re considered at higher risk due to limited credit history and odds are you won’t get the best rates on your desired Dodge vehicle.

Anything negative on your credit history also hinders your chances of landing a better, pricier vehicle. Come into a dealership with the mindset that you may not land the hottest Dodge model as your first vehicle, and the better off you’ll be.

2. Maintenance, Maintenance, Maintenance.

Even as a first-time Dodge owner, you should know there’s more to owning a car than purchasing it. You also have to factor in gas and any repairs, especially if you purchase a pre-owned Dodge vehicle.

Repairs can include oil changes, tire rotations, broken headlights, and more. Tires also must be replaced roughly every five years. Many of these repairs will be needed at some point, and you need to be prepare yourself for the possibility of any repairs no matter how minor.

3. Test Drive Before Any Purchase!

Sometimes. when you’re buying your first car, it’s easy to get swept away by the excitement and purchase it without a thought. It happens time and time again with the same results.

The major problem with buying impulsively that you have yet to experience what it’s like to actually be behind the wheel of your car. Fortunately, many car dealerships, including ours, give you the chance to test drive your Dodge vehicle so you’ll know if it’s right for you. Test driving will also reveal if there’s any problems with the vehicle that will impact your decision to purchase it.

Also remember that your first time purchasing a Dodge vehicle can be fun! Have your first experience at our Dodge dealership today!

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