All of the Chrysler Pacifica’s Innovative Features Surpass Other Minivans

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Few vehicles have been able to dominate a vehicle segment like the Chrysler Pacifica has dominated the minivan segment. When Chrysler was designing the vehicle (Pacifica) to replace the Chrysler Town & Country, they strove to do the same thing they have always done with their minivans, create an innovative vehicle that is as technologically savvy as it is user-friendly. Here are some of the most innovative designs and technologies that the Chrysler Pacifica has.

Stow ‘n Go Seating

Stow ‘n Go Seating is not new to the minivan segment, but it is still one of the most desirable and user-friendly features in the vehicle world, and even though it’s been around for more than a decade, the feature is only available on Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and that’s a big advantage of the Chrysler Pacifica.

The Stow ‘n Go seating system is an innovative seating feature because it is purposeful 100 percent of the time because it there are two functions and when one function is not in use, the other function can be used. The first major advantage of Stow ‘n Go seating is the ability users have to stow the second- and third-row seats into built-in floor storage compartments. When the seats are stowed, the area behind the front two seats is transformed into a large flat area that has more than 140 cubic feet of room for cargo, which is generally only possible with a truck bed — but there’s even an advantage to this cargo space over the space in a cargo bed — this cargo space is covered and secure. The seats are extremely easy to fold up and store and some Pacifica trims even have a power feature in which the vehicle can fold the seats up without additional help.

The second function of Stow ‘n Go seats is that users can utilize the built-in floor storage compartments to store other things (bags, purses, coolers, backpacks, sports equipment) when the compartment is not being used to store seats. That is a great advantage when traveling with a full van because passengers don’t have to crowd the aisles up with their personal belongings, they can just put them in the floor storage compartments.

Hybrid Powertrain + Regenerative Braking

The Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid is the first and only minivan available on the market. Not only does it add to the list of fuel efficient vehicles, but it is one of the few fuel efficient vehicles that has seating for seven passengers — and that makes it pretty remarkable. The Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid has an internal combustion engine and a 16 kWh lithium-ion battery and the engine and battery can work together in hybrid mode or independently power the minivan. The Pacifica Hybrid’s battery can power the van on pure electricity for 33 miles, and when the vehicle is working in hybrid mode, the Pacifica Hybrid has a combined city/ highway average of 84 MPGe.

Accompanying the hybrid powertrain is another innovative technology called regenerative braking. Regenerative braking is an awesome technology because it recycles energy being used to by the vehicle’s brakes into energy that can be used to recharge the battery. Regenerative braking is not unique to the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid , but it is still a new technology and the Pacifica is the only minivan that has it.

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