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Chrysler’s EV Concept

Those who follow the heavily-branded minivan company, Chrysler , know that despite its popularity with the Pacifica, the company as a whole still isn’t doing as well as it should. If you look at the company’s website, you’ll see that it sells the Chrysler Pacifica, the (entry-level Pacifica) Chrysler Voyager, and the old-timer Chrysler Voyager. Lately, the brand is struggling to capture the hearts and wallets of the public, but in spite of this, the parent company, Stellantis is giving it another decade to reinvent itself and show that it’s still worth keeping around. It’s been said by the global multi-layered company that it’s eager to aid Chrysler to see success and a successful future, while many of the automaker’s previous concept cars haven’t ever become more than that. However, seeing that Stellantis is now flaunting a new Chrysler EV concept that almost appears that it’s ready to hit the streets and zoom across the freeways, its bad luck could change.

The concept was revealed to the public during Stellantis’s online event, dubbed “EV Day”, and details were few and far between, but it was also introduced while Ralph Gilles, head of design, was discussing the company’s new vehicle architecture strategy, and suggested that constructing a new Chrysler wouldn’t pose as much as a challenge with modular EV platforms. The headlights are very slender and almost mirror Tesla’s, but apart from that and the LED light bar that is fully wide in the grille, this vehicle looks like it’s set to get dolled up in production with naturalistic wheels and door mirrors. From the exterior, the unusually patterned tires are the only real hint that this is a concept for the meantime.

Inhouse, there are screens here, there, and everywhere. A touch screen hides in the back of the driver’s seat and front passenger’s, while the driver’s seatmate gets a display of their own, this is an addition to the central dashboard getting its own touchscreen. As we discussed before, had it not been for the square-shaped twin-spoke steering wheel and slender headrests, this rolling lodge could act as a new production vehicle. Elements such as a panoramic glass roof, brilliant use of ambient lighting accents, and materials that look posh, the possibility of Chrysler being able to re-establish itself as a luxury brand may turn out to be more than we ever expected. Apart from that, we can determine that the concept will likely have a range reaching up to 500 miles seeing how Stellantis suggested that it’s derived upon the new STLA Large EV platform.

The truth is right in front of us, this concept looks to be ready for production and its appearance on the market would certainly allow Chrysler to establish itself in the luxury EV segment. We have high hopes that it will make its way to dealership lots soon enough.

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