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The 2023 Chevy Montana is almost finished. The unibody compact pickup will soon make its debut though as of now, Chevrolet only has plans to sell it in Brazil. Chevrolet has not commented on whether the 2023 Montana will make its way to the states, but given the recent popularity of compact pickups, the automaker may make the decision to offer it. As of late, Chevrolet has been focused on its EVs like the Chevy Silverado EV and Chevy Colorado EV . Despite the focus on electric vehicles, this has not stopped Chevy from updating its combustion engine lineup . Vehicles like the 2023 Chevy Montana continue to be improved so we’ll take a look at the compact pickup truck and see what consumers can expect.

Will The 2023 Chevy Montana Make It To The U.S?

The 2023 Chevy Montana has almost finished production. The compact pickup truck is slated to be released in Brazil. Currently, there are no plans for Chevrolet to sell the 2023 Montana in the United States, but this could change. Given the popularity of compact pickup trucks like the Ford Maverick, Chevrolet may spend the resources to offer the Chevy Montana in the states. This would require building a new factory in the U.S however due to the Chicken Tax law. This law limits the importation of pickups and cargo vans into the US so it may pose a big hurdle for Chevy.

The 2023 Chevy Montana was recently teased by GM Brazil. The subsidiary showed off the Montana’s interior which features an analog instrument panel and an infotainment display with an 8-inch touchscreen. As for the engine, the compact pickup comes with 8 choices. This includes turbocharged options. The 2023 Montana’s base engine is a turbocharged three-cylinder that’s capable of 130 horsepower. The pickup will also come paired with an automatic transmission.

If the states do see the 2023 Chevy Montana, it’s likely that Chevrolet will make some adjustments and upgrades to the pickup. This includes increased performance as well as the option for a manual transmission. Since Chevrolet has not made any comment about the Montana coming to the U.S, this remains a far-off hope. Still, unlikelier things have happened so there may be some luck that U.S consumers see the 2023 Chevy Montana in the future.

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