Tips for Keeping You and Your Car Cool for Summer 2023

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Whew, this year is starting to heat up. With the summer starting next week (June 21, 2023), we can already feel it down here in South Florida. That winter was a long one, and kept drifting into the weeks of spring, but don’t let any stormy weather fool you. The summer is about to begin – that means planning trips to the beach, driving with the top down, and taking care of your car. Yes, cars need protection from the elements, too, and it takes more than a layer of sunblock. Here are some tips for keeping your car clean and cool this summer.

Maintaining a Car

Proper car maintenance is a must. All-year-round, getting maintenance on a car to keep it running smoothly is a good habit to keep. Also getting rid of any repairs that might go unnoticed, such as replacing brake pads. No one wants to find out the brakes slip when skidding across a puddle. And for drivers that like to go off-road and test their might with a little mudding, be sure to hose down the car as soon as you get home. That mud can cake and dry up, causing even more problems with keeping the car operating in peak condition.

In addition to maintenance and a little repair, the way a car looks also counts. Consumers can keep a car protected from the sun and keep the paint job looking fresh with a coat of wax after a car wash. There’s also some spray-on film products that can help keep the car protected from scrape and small debris.

Staying Cool in the Car

Aside from cranking up the a/c, another good way to keep the cabin from heating up is by getting tinted windows or buying a new car with sunscreen glass. Many vehicles today come with some form of sunscreen or tinted glass to keep the interior from getting too hot on a long drive. Most New Mitsubishi vehicles come with a pull-down sunshade for added protection. If not in the car at the time, this would be a good chance to purchase a sunshade to keep the center console, front seats, and steering wheel from getting too hot while you’re out.

Keeping a cooler on hand is always a good idea. Having some ice-cold water bottles is just what the body needs on a hot day. While at it, investing in some all-weather floor mats or seat covers can protect the interior of the car from spills or all the sand that can come in while getting in and out of the car at the beach.

Fun Gadgets

When spending all day at the beach, it’s easy to forget about how sensitive certain devices can be. Phones tend to overheat and lose power rather quickly in the sun. And more often than not, a phone will display how long the battery will last, and then dies much, much sooner than anticipated. Having a nifty gadget like a power bricks on hand could be a lifesaver, or just keeping navigation routes clear when the way home isn’t as easy as jumping onto the turnpike. Power bricks today usually come with USB-A and USB-C ports for a variety of devices to get charged up, and they tend to last a long time.

We hope these tips keep you and your car cool this summer. Have any more ideas? Share them with us on Miami Lakes Automall social media.

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