Ideas for This Year’s “Trunk-or-Treat” Party

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It’s finally October, and this month has one of the best holidays of the year. It’s time to get ready for Halloween! The only problem is, where and how do we celebrate? It’s also flu season, and some people may be a little wary of letting their little ones getting candy from people who may be infected. Some parents take their kids trick-or-treating when the sun is still out to avoid anything to creepy during the night hours. Whatever the reason, kids should be able to have fun on Halloween, and that’s why a couple of parents invented the now famous “Trunk-or-Treat” party.


What is “Trunk-or-Treat”? Imagine a block party, or an open field, or a park, where several cars covered in spooky decorations are placed around and open their trunks to reveal all kinds of surprises, and most importantly, candy! So, how does it work?

  1. Pick a destination.
  2. Get friends, neighbors, or like-minded parents together to host the party.
  3. Each parent joining the part should have a car they can decorate to match the spooky theme. The more creative, the better.
  4. Have a bowl of treats or a floor mat that can be used to scatter candy around in the back of the car. This is the “Trunk” part of “Trunk-or-Treat”. Hatchbacks work best, but classic car trunks work too.
  5. Have the kids go from car-to-car to collect their candy. This can be as simple as having them in a line, but that’s kind of boring. Scattering the cars around or drawing up some sort of map to make it adventurous would be better.
  6. Plan some Halloween-related activities.

Games and Activities

What kind of party is complete without a couple of games? There are the classics like Bobbing for Apples – just make sure everyone has their own bowl and apples for sanitary reasons). A scavenger hunt involving special candy like king size bars or little trinkets is always a great way to get everyone involved in on the fun. Then there’s always the fun of beating up a piñata or two. Boy, this is turning out to be a party with a lot of candy.

These are of course just a couple of ideas of games to play to keep kids active throughout the night. The more there is to do, the more tired they’ll be by the end of the night. If anyone out there has a competitive side, the final activity could always be a costume or car contest. The latter may be best to avoid any hurt feelings. Kids can be pretty sensitive and might feel bad if their costume doesn’t win. Decorating cars for Halloween and having categories for scariest, most creative, and of course the best candy, might be more doable and less risky. After all, no one wants to cry on Halloween.

Have any other ideas for celebrating Halloween for little kids and teens? Have you thrown your own “Trunk-or-Treat” party before? Tell us about it and join the discussion on Miami Lakes Automall social media.

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