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Kendall Kia Miami offered to special order vehicles before it closed its doors and was reopened under a new dealership. Now, customers are learning about the benefits of shopping at Miami Lakes Kia, which include a better selection, great prices, and the ability to special order some vehicles. These and other benefits have earned Miami Lakes Kia a reputation as one of the top Kia dealerships in South Florida.

If you have never special ordered a car, you may be confused about what the process is like or what to expect. Here are a few important things you should know about special ordering a car:

You May Have to Wait

Depending on the car you are ordering and the special features you want, you may have to wait a while to get it. It could take anywhere from a week to two months for your car to be ready to ship. Since Kia is an overseas manufacturer, the shipping time can be as long as two months. Some U.S. manufacturers can offer faster shipping because they don’t have to go through as much legal red tape.

If you are pre-ordering a special car, you may have to wait even longer. Special editions are released at a certain time, but orders may be taken for them months in advance.

Features May Only Come in Packages

Sometimes, customers want to special order a car to get a certain feature. For example, you may love the car but want it to have a sunroof. Most manufacturers are happy to comply with such customizations, but some may require you to order them in a package. For example, a package that includes a sunroof may also include other features.

Many times, ordering features in a package can actually give you much more value for greater savings.

There May be a Fee

Most of the time, you can special order a car at no charge other than the regular sales price and associated fees. However, some dealers or manufacturers may charge a small fee for the order itself. It’s important that you ask about such policies before you place the order. Otherwise, you may not notice it once it’s mixed in with the rest of your financing package.

Shopping at the right car dealership makes a big difference. If you were a customer of Kendall Kia Miami, we invite you to visit Miami Lakes Kia and learn the difference we can offer. You can special order a car, or you can choose from one of the many quality vehicles that we already have in stock with great features.

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