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August 15th, 2014 by

Some things that are old get the chance to become new again. Old customers of Kendall Kia Miami can become the new customers of the superior Miami Lakes Kia, and an old ad campaign of Kia’s has gotten a new look to promote the new Soul EV.

That same theme of transformation is played out in the new ad, which features the quirky Kia hamsters toiling away in their design laboratory. While they’re putting the finishing touches on the new Soul EV, a pet hamster from their lab (don’t think about it) rolls off the shelf in its hamster ball and makes a run for the Soul EV.

The hamsters have already pressed the magic ready button that zaps power into the Soul EV, and the hamster in the ball is caught in the cross fire.

When the bewildered scientists go to see what has become of their mini-me, they learn that it has turned into a sexy lady hamster in a sleek cat suit, Weird Science-style. Seemingly ignoring her, they jump in the Soul EV, head to the pet store and buy as many pet hamsters as they can to replicate their results. They end up partying with a group of ladies looking as lovely as the first.

The new ad mirrors the 2013 campaign for that year’s Soul. In it, the hamsters become “totally transformed” — like the second-generation Soul — by turning into fitness buffs from desk jockeys. (They seem to have returned to their fluffy, former selves in the new campaign.)

The Soul EV is expected to get a range of 80 to 100 miles for routine driving conditions, but few other details are available for it. It will go on sale later this year, but the pricing has not yet been announced.

The Soul EV will only be available in certain states at first. It will first be introduced in California, then it will go on sale in Oregon and then to the East Coast. The company hopes to get energy credits through sales of the electric vehicle, and as they sell more units, they will introduce it to more markets. The goal is to have a successful launch and eventually be able to offer the car throughout the country.

Former customers of Kendall Kia Miami are encouraged to embrace the theme of improvement in this ad campaign and to check out Miami Lakes Kia, a superior dealership to the shuttered Kendall Kia Miami. We invite you to learn more about the Soul EV, the standard Soul, or other Kia vehicles, which are all fuel-efficient in their own right.

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