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Kia continued their relationship with Twentieth Century Fox and the accompanying X-Men cinematic franchise by releasing a second-generation Kia X-Car-a Sportage CUV. Designed as a promotion for the upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse, the exclusive one-off model was inspired by the shape-shifting mutant Mystique, currently played by Jennifer Lawrence in the movie series.

_Sure, you won’t find this CUV sitting alongside a Kia Optima in Miami , but we can still appreciate the brand’s latest innovative creation… _


Jose Becker of describes the vehicle in its entirety. The exterior is covered in a “matte blue color,” which is taken directly from the character’s spotted-blue skin. The racing wheels and red/yellow tires are also head nods to the character, as are the snake-eye headlights. The vehicle also features a “two-toned roof with black accents,” as well as a revamped front grill (featuring the popular ‘X’ logo). The interior is covered in soft-touch materials, and the center touchscreen media system includes a number of advanced features, like the incorporated navigation.

The vehicle will make its debut at the Australian Open, and it will then tour the world to make appearances at motor shows and movie events. The final stop will presumably be the premier of the movie in May of 2016. The Sportage will also be featured in a special video in early January, which will feature global brand ambassador Rafael Nadal facing off against the villainous Apocalypse. Of course, the Sportage will play a role in Nadal’s (presumable) victory.

The 2017 Sportage actually made its debut earlier this year at the Los Angeles Auto Show, and the press release notes that the vehicle now offers a stiffer structure and a more spacious interior. Drivability has also been improved, partly due to the inclusion of the all-wheel drive system.


“Simply put, the Sportage is a breed apart in the compact CUV segment,” Orth Hedrick, the vice president of product planning KMA, said in a press release (via Noah Joseph of ). “Instead of bland utility, the Sportage combines distinctly European and sporty styling with thoughtful design and functionality, including innovative packaging, premium materials, a turbocharged engine and surprising features. Sales of compact CUVs are on a sharply upward trajectory, and the all-new 2017 Sportage hits the sweet spot by providing an alternative for those seeking to express themselves with a vehicle that’s versatile enough to suit their unique lifestyle.”

This vehicle follows the release of the Wolverine-inspired Kia Sorento, which was displayed in late 2014. Engineered to help promote the Blu-Ray, DVD and Digitial HD release of X-Men: Days of Future Past, the vehicle’s exterior includes a number of add-ons that are truly synonymous with the classic hero. The black vehicle features flashes of red light, including those surrounding the familiar ‘X’ logo. There are also “claws” on the front of the Sorento, a definite ode to the clawed Wolverine.


Sure, you won’t find these vehicles on any of Kia’s lots. However, we can still appreciate what the engineers did with these special edition vehicles. Perhaps it will inspire you to modify your own Kia!

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