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You don’t need a Dodge dealership to tell you about the importance of refueling your vehicle but, hey, drivers everywhere still push their car beyond the limit, right? Miami Lakes Dodge believes it is important to highlight any emergency situation, and running out of gas while you’re on the road is more common than you may think.

I magine running out of gas during the most inconvenient time and location without knowing how to fix the problem. Sound scary? Well, Miami Lakes Dodge offers a few tips on what to during this tricky situation.

Get Your Vehicle Off The Road: If your car runs out of gas, there’s a good chance it will happen when other cars are also on the road. It’s important to get your car off the road as soon as possible to avoid traffic jams or accidents. If there’s still enough fuel in the car to drive you off the road, then great. If not, you may have to push it out of the way to avoid oncoming traffic. Also turn on your emergency flashers to notify other drivers of the problem.

Keep Your Cell Phone Charged: You should always bring a cell phone with you on the road in case of an emergency situation. Your cell phone should also be fully charged before driving on the road. With a cell phone handy, you can call friends or relatives or any automotive service to help you with any problem you encounter on the road, even if the problem is your car running out of gas.

Roadside Assistance: When you run out of gas on the road, you want the best, most reliable assistance you can find. Many of the latest Dodge vehicles offered at our dealership come with roadside assistance, but not all vehicles are as fortunate. Call AAA or a local towing service to get your car off the road as safe as possible. If you don’t have any access to roadside assistance, call a close friend or relative.

Don’t be afraid to ask the hardworking folks at Miami Lakes Dodge about the safety precautions you should take on the road. When it comes to helping customers, our Dodge dealership never runs out of fuel!

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