The 2016 Durango Gets a Brass Monkey Appearance Package

January 13th, 2016 by

No, this isn’t a joke. The 2016 Dodge Durango is actually getting a Brass Monkey appearance package later this year. Dodge is advertising the Durango as the last strong and bold looking SUV on the market, whereas all the other ones have toned it down a bit. This Brass Monkey appearance package is one of many appearance packages that Dodge wants to use in order to help boost the unique look and boldness of the Durango; really driving home the fact this is the last strong looking SUV on the 2016 market. There are no photos of what the package will look like yet, but it definitely sounds like it’s going to make for a nifty looking Durango.


This Beastie Boys package isn’t available on all the trim levels though, it only comes on the Limited trim level. There are 5 trim levels in the 2016 Durango line-up: the base SXT trim, SXT Plus, R/T, Citadel, and the Limited. The Limited is an SUV that’s already loaded with luxurious goodies, and the Brass Monkey appearance package is looking to make that fact stand out even further.

It Already Has a Bold Look

Will the package be able to do that, though? The Durango Limited is already one of the boldest looking SUVs on the car market. This boldness is only bolstered by the fact that this Durango is also one of the biggest SUVs on the market. The commanding presence is led by an elegant but powerfully designed front end, with chrome trim decorating the headlights and grille. The hood is what’s most intimidating about the Durango, and from certain angles it looks like the hood is the main portion of the car. This wide and sweeping hood runs up the elegantly tilted windshield and onto the roof. The unique design eventually rounds off at the back into a more recognizable SUV shape. The chrome trim also begins at the bottom of the front-end, and then runs through the wheels along the bottom of the vehicle, where it ends at start of the lower back bumper.

Honestly, the new Durango looks like they took the hood from a Cadillac, mixed it with a SUV, then slapped it on a behemoth of a vehicle. I’m not complaining though, the elegant aggressiveness this new Durango exudes is truly a unique sight on the car market, and definitely makes a statement. A statement the Brass Monkey package looks to enhance.

Brass Monkey, That Funky… Durango?

Funky can’t be used in a derogatory sense here, because from the way the Brass Monkey appearance package sounds, it’s going to look really freaking cool on this Durango Limited. The most noticeable change is going to be the wheels, seeing as they will now be 20-inches of Burnished Bronze glory. The grille is now going to be gloss black, and it’s going to add an exterior badge. There will be body-color door handles, exterior mirrors, rear sills, front fascia, and wheel flares.

Like I said, freaking cool looking. I feel it will be an obligation to cruise around in the 2016 Dodge Durango with the Brass Monkey Appearance package, windows down, and bumping the respective song title by the Beastie Boys at maximum volume.

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