South Miami Kia

Buying a car is a huge purchase for most people. You won’t just walk onto a lot, impulsively pick out a car and write a check. Instead, most people will spend a lot of time researching their options, test driving different models, and maybe even visiting a dealership multiple times before they actually make a purchase.

Choosing the right dealership is essential to ensuring that you have a great experience when you are shopping and that you get the right car. Miami Lakes Kia is the best South Miami Kia dealership, and we encourage all customers to visit us and learn about the difference our selection and service can make to your car-buying experience.

Exceptional Service Amongst South Miami Kia Dealerships

South Miami Kia

Central to our role as the top South Miami Kia dealership is our commitment to service. At Miami Lakes Kia, we strive to provide the very best service from the moment a customer steps onto our lot to explore our inventory to the time that the last signature is signed on the financing paperwork and the person drives away in a new car.

Our relationship with our customers starts with a conversation. Our friendly and knowledgeable sales representatives will take the time to learn exactly what you need in a new vehicle, not just look for an opening to push you into buying a car. Throughout the process, our representatives will patiently answer all your questions and help you get all the information you need to make the very best decision for your new vehicle.

Diverse Selection of Kia Vehicles

Miami Lakes Kia provides a diverse selection to help you find the options you need in a new vehicle. We carry everything from new Kia sedans to sport-utility vehicles to electric vehicles. We carry all the latest models from 2014 and 2015, and we carry a wide variety of quality used models. The variety ensures that you can find the features you need in a vehicle at the price you can afford.

Though we are a certified Kia dealership, we carry other models besides Kia. You can also shop for certified pre-owned vehicles from a variety of top manufacturers, such as Ford, Chevrolet and Honda.

Convenient Financing

As a top South Miami Kia dealership, Miami Lakes Kia works with a variety of lenders to ensure that our customers get the convenient financing they need. Our representatives will process your application, which will go to multiple lenders, and you will get an answer within minutes. By working with a variety of lenders, we are better able to offer you the terms you need to make your new car purchase fit your budget.

You can even get pre-approval right on our website so you understand what you can afford before you start shopping for your new vehicle.

Come into Miami Lakes Kia today and find out why we have a reputation for being the top South Miami Kia dealership. You’ll love our service and selection, and we’ll work hard to find you the financing terms you need to get the car you’ll love.