Mitsubishi Motors North American Statement

Last night (April 27) Mitsubishi Motors North America (MMNA) released a statement showing that the emissions issues affecting the MMNA’s parent company, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, do not apply to the Mitsubishi cars in the U.S. market.

The statement comes in response to Mitsubishi Motors Corporation’s admission of irregularities concerning fuel consumption testing data on cars produced in various Mitsubishi plants overseas.

To remain transparent and accurate with U.S. consumers and authorities, the MMNA has conducted an internal audit on U.S. market vehicles from the 2013 model year through the most current 2017 model year. They have shared their recent information with EPA, California Air Resources Board and DOT and they will continue to do so during their testing. The results of the investigation, once completed, will be made public.

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation has acted quickly to address this issue and is putting in place a special committee of external experts to thoroughly and objectively continue this investigation.

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