Which of the Kia Forte’s Two Trims is Right For You?

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So you’ve determined that you want a 2016 Kia Forte . Now comes the hard part: which of the two trims do you opt for? There’s the less-expensive (but certainly capable) LX, or you can go for the fully decked out EX. As you’re about to learn, you can’t go wrong with either of the two choices…



It’s silly to discount what the LX has to offer just because it’s the less expensive of the 2016 Forte’s two available trims (the LX starts at $15,990). The version is still plenty capable, and it contains plenty of cool and innovative technological features to keep any techie satisfied.

It obviously starts with the engine, as the standard 1.8-liter unit can pump out 145 horsepower and 130 pounds-feet of torque. Those may seem like underwhelming specs, but they’re actually quite impressive when you consider the size of the system. The engine is accompanied by the standard six-speed manual transmission or the optional six-speed automatic gearbox. Of course, where the Forte’s engine truly gets recognized is via the vehicle’s incredible fuel economy, as the car can deliver 26 city/39 highway mile per gallon efficiency.

The SiriusXM Satellite Radio comes standard in the Forte, as do the steering-wheel-mounted controls. With the ability to switch channels and change volume at the tip of your fingers, a driver will never again have to take their eyes off the road to manipulate their radio. The vehicle also features dependable Bluetooth wireless technology, allowing you to access many of your phone’s basic capabilities without ever touching your device. Projector beam headlights and Remote Keyless Entry are among the other inclusions on the LX trim.



The next-level trim (starting at $19,990) offers everything the LX includes… and so much more. For example, the engine is more advanced, as the 2.0-liter four-cylinder unit is capable of delivering 183 horsepower and 154 pounds-feet of torque. Customers will have to compromise a bit with the fuel economy (24 city/ 35 highway mile per gallon), but that’s to be expected with a more-powerful engine. The FlexSteer system will help improve the driving experience while also elevating the capabilities of the engine. Via the Comfort, Normal and Sport modes, drivers can have improved steering abilities.

Besides the previously mentioned amenities included in the LX trim, the EX boasts additional features. Customers can appreciate several exterior additions, like 17-inch alloy wheels and front fog lights. If customers decide to opt for the Premium Package, they’ll enjoy the inclusion of heated front seats, a leather trim, a power sunroof, and (perhaps most significant of all), a navigations system with HD Radio (an option that was only previously available via the Technology Package). Drivers can enjoy all of these amenities via the standard Tweeter speakers.

No matter which of the two trims you opt for, we’re sure you’ll be satisfied with your 2016 Kia Forte. The vehicle has been well-received by both critics and consumers, and the Forte’s been commended for it’s technology, safety features, and affordability. In short, you’re making the right decision if you go with Kia’s compact car.

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