Why the 2016 Chevy Traverse Is The Best Family SUV


When it comes to buying a new SUV for you and your family, the trick is to play a delicate balancing game: as important as it is that your vehicle is safe in the event of an emergency situation, it's also critical that your vehicle is comfortable entertaining enough to keep those back-seat passengers happy and, maybe more importantly, quiet on long car trips.

For these reasons and many more, we recommend the 2016 Chevy Traverse as the perfect vehicle for a young or growing family. Not only does the new Traverse offer all of the comfort and safety you're looking for in a new SUV, but also all of the premium amenities and technology the modern family needs to drive in the total lap of luxury.

Safe From Every Angle

Inside and out, the 2016 Traverse is undeniably designed for safety. This new model features standard safety features like the an industry-first Front-Center Air Bag, which inflates between the front seats and adds extra cushioning up front in the event of a crash. This is part of a comprehensive airbag system designed to protect the front, back, and sides in each seat of the Traverse.

This ultra-safe SUV also features the latest in crash-prevention technology, a tribute to the evolution of the sport-utility vehicle from the lumbering behemoth of the road to a sleek, safe driving machine for the whole family.

In the Traverse, this comes in the form of a Lane Departure Warning, a Side Blind Zone alert, Forward Collision Alert, and Rear Cross Traffic Alert - all utilizing a system of radar sensors and cameras to detect an oncoming collision and even automatically activate the brakes to prevent or mitigate the worst of the crash.

With an available rear vision camera and a StabiliTrak Electronic Stability Control System to maintain proper stability no matter the road surface, this super-safe SUV earns its five-star rating for overall vehicle safety from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. This kind of safety repertoire guarantees that you and your passengers will stay safe in almost any situation.

Still As Much Performance As You'd Expect

Just because the 2016 Traverse is ridiculously safe doesn't mean it doesn't also pack all the power we've come to expect from a modern SUV.

This new Traverse features a 3.6-liter V6 direct injection engine that can tow up to 5,200 lbs - enough for even the biggest, toughest jobs the weekend warrior might tackle with a new SUV. Able to generate up to 288 horsepower and 270 lb.ft of torque, the 2016 Traverse won't back down in the face of a tough incline or rough terrain. This also puts the Traverse above both the Toyota Highlander and the Honda Pilot in all three categories: horsepower, torque, and towing capacity.

This impressive powertrain is paired to a carefully-tuned independent four-wheel suspension that helps keep your ride as smooth as possible and maintains traction in just about any inclement weather situation.

It Won't Fail To Keep Everyone Entertained

There are a lot of great things to say about the 2016 Traverse, from its impressive safety features to its uncompromising performance. None, however, quite match how impressed we are with the included tech features available in the new Travers. With a plethora of basic consumer amenities, the Traverse offers a whole new level of in-ride entertainment for both you and anyone you may be carting in the back seat.

Chief among these is the addition of a standard 6.5-inch touchscreen infotainment center, through which users can stream audio, connect with a smartphone to make calls and texts via Bluetooth, and activate the radio - all hands-free.This system also comes with an available subscription to Chevy MyLink, which further connects a user to their integrated smartphone and allows for greater connectivity while on the road.

iPhone users with ChevyMyLink can also access Siri Hands-Free with the push of a button located on the steering wheel, and can use this technology for everything from phone functions to navigation. The 2016 Traverse also comes with three standard USB charging ports to connect and charge all of your USB devices, like your smartphone and MP3 player.

Otherwise, Traverse owners receive a standard six-month subscription to OnStar Turn-by-Turn Navigation, complete with full navigation and 2-D and 3-D maps, plus traffic and weather through a standard three-month subscription to Sirius satellite radio.

Complete with this standard OnStar Basic Plan subscription comes the OnStar Remotelink Key Fob Services, which allows users to remotely lock, unlock, and even start their vehicle through a connected cell phone app. Traverse owners can also opt for OnStar Remote Diagnostics, which can run monthly diagnostic reports on your engine, brakes, transmission and more for regular status checks. If the system detects any problems, OnStar can contact your mechanic and schedule an appointment for you - all as part of your regular maintenance package.

Traverse owners can also expect to see some useful tech improvements on the exterior, like a button-activated power remote liftgate. This makes opening the hatch as simple as the push of a button and allows anyone to load and unload the Traverse's best-in-class 116.3 cubic feet of cargo space easily.

A Style That Doesn't Scream "Family Car"

With most family-friendly vehicles, the choice for the consumer tends to come down to a contest between form and function. In many cases, the cars which best suit a family in terms of features and amenities do not always have the most developed eye-appeal, while the best-looking cars often can't accommodate the needs of a growing family.

Luckily, the 2016 Traverse is as sleek and sexy as it is utilitarian, with a fully redesigned exterior featuring an athletic hood design, a boldly sculpted grille, and striking LED headlamps that assert a powerful stance on the road. Plus, a choice of premium paint jobs and available leather upholstery give this utility vehicle a serious facelift. You might just feel like you're in a luxury sedan with extra space.

For these reasons (among what are probably many more), the 2016 Chevy Traverse is pretty much the perfect vehicle for any growing family that isn't in the market for a standard, unappealing family vehicle. For the stylish family on the market today, check out the new Traverse - it might just surprise you.