What's New for the 2016 Kia Rio




The 2016 Kia Rio for sale in Miami has a couple of upgraded features. It’s nothing major, but combine this light refresh with its already stronger-than-average engine performance for a subcompact sedan, along with its excellent value, and you have a vehicle that you might find yourself purchasing for a few reasons. A restyled front and rear — primarily the head and taillights — give the Rio a subtle new look, while materials on the inside have been improved, and additional sound insulation installed to help with the wind and road noise. There is a new designer package available for the EX trim, and it adds a slightly more upscale look to this bargain-priced vehicle. Finally, the Kia’s UVO infotainment system has been updated, and this updated version can be found inside the Rio. 

Separately, these might seem like very slight changes. When put together, however, it makes for a noticeable difference; creating a vehicle that is even more attractive than its low price tag.


Exterior Enhancements




Since the Rio was last redesigned in 2012, Kia needed to figure out a way to keep it relevant. The answer? Spiff up a few of the weak areas, while still keeping the aspects they know consumers like. A lot of dealerships vow to do this in theory, but very few execute it, and even less execute it well. Kia is an exception to this rule, and the minor tampering in the front and back was all the Rio needed to make the design pop again. 

It didn’t need much to have a fresh look. After all, the Rio is already one of the more handsome vehicles in the subcompact segment. Primarily because it’s not plagued by the awkward dimensions most other vehicles in the class are. Typically, subcompact vehicles have awkward bulges, and look like the automaker took a full-size sedan or SUV, and crammed it into a mold that was two sizes too small. The Rio doesn’t have that look though, and Kia knew it. Therefore, it didn’t need a full redesign — just something to separate it from the 2012 model. 

Hence the subtle changes made to the front and rear, which are the headlights and taillights. Now, the Rio’s bold front-end is matched by bright and sweeping halogen headlights, and the rear-end can be equipped with LED combination lamps. Apart from the upgraded bulbs, the overall shape of the lights have been redesigned as well. Now, the taillights are a lot slimmer, and the piece that wraps around towards the rear quarter panel is taller and larger than before. 

These restyled headlights and taillights help make the design pop just a little bit more, which is all the Rio needs in order to stand out from the crowd.


Interior Refinements



The interior design of the Rio is one that strikes a balance between style and simplicity. It’s one that might not be considered luxurious, but it’s still comfortable. Actually, the Rio does quite well in terms of space and comfort, and even taller drivers will fit comfortably behind the steering wheel — which is rare for a subcompact car. It’s the same story for the cargo space, and the Rio sedan and hatchback both have an above-average amount of storage area for a subcompact vehicle. 

While the base Rio LX might not have anything miraculous for materials quality, the EX and SX are the trims that get jazzed up with some upgraded materials. On these trims, you’ll find a soft-touch dash, improved seat material, and metal-paint trim. The base LX trim has woven cloth seat trim, whereas the EX gets premium knit cloth seat trim standard. The leather trim comes standard on the SX trim, and even has heated front seats to go along with it. Aluminum pedals and a leather-wrapped steering wheel/gearshift knob round off the upscale experience on the SX trim, and also give the Rio a more sporty feel as well. 

Exclusively on the EX trim is a Designer Package, which gives the inside of the Rio two-tone upholstery with gray accent stitching for some added flair.


Updated UVO System



The UVO system is a subscription-free information system for Kia vehicles, and works with your smartphone via Bluetooth connectivity and the UVO eServices mobile app. Together, UVO and the app work to give you a seamless and effortless smartphone integration experience. This innovative in-vehicle connectivity experience includes anything from using your voice to make hands-free calls to managing your music library. You can even use it for navigating, diagnostics capabilities, and some added convenience features like a rear-camera display, Parking Minder, and My Car Zone.  

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, and there is so much more that you can do with the UVO eServices infotainment system. But the main focus is the upgraded aspects of the UVO eServices system. The primary upgrade is that it can now support both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, so both Android and Apple users can have an equal smartphone experience. As a general update, the UVO system has been upgraded to provide greater connectivity and convenience overall.


Same Great Rio 



Underneath the flashy new headlights and taillights and high-quality upholstery, it’s still the same great car. The 2016 Kia Rio’s engine still gives it quicker-than-average acceleration for the class, and the design is just as aerodynamic as before — which means it also still receives the same great fuel-efficiency. As far as the inside goes, you can still do everything you like and more. Especially since the UVO system has been updated for 2016. You can fit the same amount of people, and the same amount of cargo as before.

My point is, Kia made sure that this refresh didn’t tamper with any of the well-love aspects of the vehicle. They simply took this fan-favorite and made it even better. Again, something not many car companies are good at doing.