The 2016 Dodge Journey is Sporting an Impressive Interior




While it’s not a typical topic of conversation, the interior of the 2016 Dodge Journey for sale in Miami is one that’s worth noting. Actually, it’s quite impressive for a crossover SUV. It surprisingly has room for seven passengers and plenty of cargo, and the combination of space and materials provides superior comfort. Rounding things off, the Journey has technology that’s able to connect you to your favorite gadgets, in order to keep you and your passengers entertained. Alternatively, it also has some features that make your life a little more convenient, too. Because, who says riding in style has to be hard work? 

The Dodge Journey is rightfully named because it is the perfect road-trip vehicle for the entire family. While dad or mom can have fun behind the wheel with one of two excellent engine choices, the kids and other passengers will be able to focus on catching some shut-eye simply because the seats are that comfortable.


Available Seven-Passenger Seating 



Whether it’s for a family road trip or picking up your friends for a double date, the Journey has enough passenger room to do so. The Journey comes standard with five-seats, and while it might not be adult-friendly, the third-row bench seat bumps the capacity up to seven-passengers. This third-row seat is ideal if you have a large family, because while it might not fit adults comfortably, the two extra seats are perfect for younger children. They will have plenty of room width-wise, thanks to stadium-style seating, and the available third-row seats even come bundled with a separate rear air-conditioner. That way, even the passengers in the way back can stay cool if it gets too hot out.  

Not enough room for the kids to wriggle through to the third row? No problem. Simply slide the second row seating forward until there is enough space for them to get by. Speaking of the second-row seating, there’s a fair amount of legroom for passengers who decide to sit there — even for adults. Which means when the rare opportunity arises to double date with your friends, you aren’t picking them up in a soccer mom van. For a successful completion to the Journey’s family-oriented mission, Dodge made sure to incorporate integrated child booster seats for the second row seating. That way, you don’t have to worry about hauling your own booster seats around in the car anymore, and take up extra storage or passenger space. Since they are built-in, all you need to do is fold them up to use them. When it’s time for another passenger to ride in those seats, the booster seats can conveniently fold away when they aren’t needed.  

On a side note, the Journey is the only crossover in its class to offer integrated second-row child booster seats.


Storage Space



As far as storage space goes, the Journey has one of the more ingenious storage systems found on the market. Since the vehicle isn’t that big, Dodge had come up with clever ways to incorporate storage space while still keeping the seats up and available. On the five-passenger model, the trunk space is, obviously, significantly larger. However, the beauty of the available third-row seating is that it can be folded down along with the second-row and front-passenger seat. This gives you a total of 67.6 cu-ft of storage space - enough to store a kayak, paddle, and small bag of supplies for the adventure. 

If you need to keep all the seats up, however, then all you need to do is use Dodge’s more clever storage spaces that are squirreled throughout the cabin. The trunk, for example, has an in-floor storage bin. Located in the floor on the second row are two in-floor storage bins, which are large enough to fit a pair of shoes, or even act as a cooler if you put ice in it. Finally, the front passenger seat has in-seat storage, which is a perfect place to hide/store any valuables you may have. 

With the ability to fold all but the driver’s seat down, and the plethora of nooks and crannies to store items, the 2016 Dodge Journey is a crossover that has more storage space than meets the eye.





Also in abundance in the Journey are plenty of technological features, which have been put in place to make life more convenient and fun. 

For example, rear-seat entertainment is an option, and lets the kids or passengers in the back that aren’t interested in hearing about the historical importance of a passing object stay entertained as the hours go by on the road. Rear Seat Video Group I allows said passengers to watch movies or play video games on a second-row nine-inch screen that flips down from an overhead console. Two wireless headphones ensure that the noise from the movie or game stays in the back seat, and a remote allows an easy way to control the system. 

For front passengers, it’s all about the tunes. The available premium sound system on the Journey includes six Infinity speakers, a 368-watt amplifier, and one subwoofer. What are they played through? The largest-in-class 8.4-inch touchscreen with Uconnect on board, of course. The available Radio 8.4 NAV does much more than just play music, though. It also provides you with weather, traffic updates, sports, gas, and even showtimes at movie theaters around your area. Or, it even provides turn-by-turn navigation thanks to the award-winning Garmin GPS Navigation system, which also comes with a Junction View feature that realistically displays 3-D road signs and intersections along your route through the 8.4-inch screen. 

The Journey can also come equipped with SiriusXM Satellite Radio, a Wi-Fi hotspot, Bluetooth, USB/Aux ports, and power outlets. All of these provide different ways to hook up your favorite phone, music device, or lap top. The possibilities for entertainment are limitless. What makes this better? The fact that the 2016 Dodge Journey is a vehicle that is able to provide spacious seating for a seven-person family, along with plenty of storage space to boot.