The 2016 Cruze Is Coming - And It’ll Be A Hatchback



Safe, sporty, and efficient -the three qualifications of any great car nowadays. In a market so flooded by excellent, technologically advanced and fuel-efficient vehicles, it's actually pretty amazing when one stands out above the rest as particularly impressive in any of these three categories.

That's why we're so impressed with the 2016 Chevy Cruze - a sporty little vehicle with the body of a small compact but the feel of a luxury performance model. This impressive improvement on an already popular compact model speaks to Chevy's desire to improve the driveability and efficiency of all their models, not just the hot rods.

And, perhaps most impressively, the U.S. market will finally be granted access to a hatchback model that has been so popular in the European markets for years. This update brings a whole new feel to an already amazing sporty compact that could open the Cruze up to an entirely new market of consumers.


A Roomy Hatchback Cruze To Come


Apart from its impressive efficiency and safety features, one of the main draws to the Cruze for consumers has been the model's size - relatively short and squat compared to its cousins the Malibu and Camaro. Although retaining many of the same exterior design elements of these longer luxury sedans, the Cruze offers a compact profile that helps improve performance and make tight urban driving a breeze.

By introducing a hatchback, however, Chevy introduces a unique element to this compact by transforming that which makes it so distinct among other Chevy models. The addition of a hatchback promises greater cargo space without necessarily increasing the models overall size, meaning drivers can still expect the same high efficiency and sporty performance they've come to know and love from the Cruze.

This hatchback model is perfect for the growing family, as the spacious storage space can hold plenty of gear and the impressive fuel economy and overall affordability of this model make it well within the budget of young parents.

Although European drivers have been enjoying a hatchback Cruze since 2010, this marks the first debut of a hatchback trim on this model for U.S. consumers. With so many good reviews already behind it coming from Paris, the UK and everywhere in between, we predict this model will only help the Cruze's already sky-high popularity among American consumers. Chevy expects these hatchback models to be available for American consumers by mid-2016.


Built On Solid Footing


Part of the reason we're so excited for a hatchback Cruze is because we know what a great car the 2016 Cruze is already - with impressive performance, great fuel economy and plenty of safety features for those unexpected incidents.

We're pretty thrilled to see a hatchback edition of such an already-amazing model. Boasting an all-new 1.4L standard turbo engine, the 2016 Cruze can motor on an astounding 40 mpg highway - enough to help you save on gas and forget about constant fill-ups taking up time in your busy schedule.

We're also hoping to see some of the same improvements found on the 2015 Cruze on the new model, including a version of the 2.0L turbocharged clean diesel engine that gave the 2015 Cruze an astounding 46 mpg highway with automatic transmission. This could mean a seriously clean car in an updated 2016 model or even the later 2017 model, and a highly efficient hatchback version if available this year.


Safe As Can Be

When you're operating a smaller vehicle, conventional wisdom says that you're in more danger in the event of a collision with a larger car. The benefit of a compact, however, is better maneuverability and easier stopping power to help avoid crashes in the first place. Chevy realized this with the Cruze and, as a result, the model is stacked with enough safety technology to protect your passengers in just about any unforeseen emergency situation.

The 2016 Cruze comes standard with Rear Cross Traffic Alert, which utilizes radar sensors on the back to sense oncoming traffic in the rear and a backup camera to provide visual warnings of passing vehicles. These can make backing out of a spot and parking a breeze, and keep you and your rear-seat passengers safe from unwelcome surprises.

For the Cruze driver on the road, radar-based Lane Assist and Foreward Collision Alert technology audibly warns the driver of an oncoming collision and can even automatically brake to prevent or mitigate the worst of a crash.

In the (unfortunate) event of a crash, Cruze drivers can rest easy knowing they'll be protected by the Cruze's high-strength steel safety cage and 10 standard airbags. Plus, Automatic Crash Response from OnStar can sense an accident and get in contact with you through the OnStar system, and even send emergency help to your location if needed. This safety tech altogether not only helps to prevent crashes, but to protect in the event of one - all in the comfort and performance of a modern compact or hatchback.


On Ode To Modernity


As jaded as it might sound, modern car consumers are not so easily swayed by excellent safety technology and great performance; it's important to appeal to 21st-century tastes, and that means including the latest and greatest tech as a seamless part of the driving experience.

The Cruze does just that. Featuring a standard seven-inch diagonal touch screen infotainment system, the Cruze can seamlessly connect to a smartphone for hands-free calls and texts, stream music through Spotify, and navigate with map service. Cruze owners can also upgrade to a premium eight-inch screen with included Apple CarPlay technology, with included hands-free Siri service.

These high-tech amenities, along with basic comfort features like heated front cloth seats, heated rear leather-trimmed seats, and a heated and leather-wrapped steering wheel make the Cruze not only comfortable and safe - it's undeniably fun.

With such impressive standard features already expected from the standard 2016 Cruze sedan, we can barely wait for the official specs for the U.S. Cruze hatchback. If we know anything about the quality of a new Cruze, this hatchback promises to open up a whole new world for compact car lovers looking for a little extra room without sacrificing any of the great features they've come to know and love.