Ride First-Class with the 2016 Kia Sedona




As far as minivans go, it’s hard to beat the exterior and interior design of the 2016 Kia Sedona for sale. At the 2014 New York Auto Show, it was named the Best New Car Design. Since it was redesigned with a much better look on the inside and out in 2015, it’s only fair to assume that the 2016 model still has a design that competitors can’t hold a match to. What makes this attractive design even rarer, is that when you look at it, you don’t think of a soccer mom van. The aesthetics on the outside speak of a more upscale and refined experience, which the inside holds true to with quality materials and exceptional comfort amenities. 

For a minivan to impress on the outside and inside at first glance like this is rare, and surely worth exploring a little further.





In order to break the conventional soccer-mom look of minivans, Kia had to come up with something radical and unique. The decision? To give the Sedona a bold look, instead of your average submissive looking minivan.  

Clearly, inspiration came in the form of an SUV — since the front-fascia is reminiscent of one. Sleek and intimidating-looking Projector Beam Headlights with LED Positioning Lights not only deliver crystal-clear illumination, but also direct your attention towards the aggressive grille. The grille sits snugly between the headlights, and has a shape that’s highlighted by a speckled chrome pattern. This pattern only compounds the boldness of the front end, whereas the sweeping and elegant hood provides a sense of sophistication to the otherwise intense design. Just viewing the Sedona from the front creates the illusion you are looking at a crossover SUV. You don’t realize you are looking at a minivan until you inspect the rest of it. 

The Rest of the Design 

The hood molds into the windshield, which then runs up to an expected flat roofline, with a small spoiler that juts out on top of the hatch. However, the aggressive looks aren’t just contained to the front-fascia, and after your eyes travel down past the bold upswept beltline, you might notice (depending on the model) a set of available 19-inch chrome wheels. These wheels fill up the wheel wells, and provide a much more striking and — you guessed it — aggressive look and stance, which you might have thought a minivan wasn’t capable of producing. Wrap-around glass LED taillights, an integrated bumper guard, and a stylish spoiler round off this assertive posture. 

Combined, all of these elements bring a minivan to the market that is unique in its own way. One that is both sophisticated and aggressive, and one that other vans on the market can only dream of looking like one day.





The sophistication and bold nature transfers to the interior as well, where rich materials and finely crafted details are found in abundance running throughout the entirety of the eight/seven-person cabin, ultimately, coming together to create a cabin that looks like it belongs in first-class. 

Second-Row, Meet Better Than First-Row Luxury 

This is possibly the only van on the market where the second row-seating is arguably even more comfortable and luxurious than the first-row. Why? Because, the 2016 Kia Sedona introduces available second-row First-Class Lounge Seating on the SXL trim. With this installed, the second-row now has two captain’s chairs in place of your typical bench seat in the eight-seater vans. These aren’t average captain’s chairs, either. Instead, they are wrapped in ultra-soft Nappa leather trim (like the other five seats in the cabin) and they feature adjustable armrests and reclining capabilities. The above-average part? The fact that the reclining capability is paired with winged headrests and retractable footrests. 

Remember when we used to fight about who got to sit in the front seat as kids? Well, perhaps some of us still do. Regardless, with these available seats the kids will be fighting about who gets to sit in the second-row. 

Multiple Configurations 

A large part of having a sophisticated interior is intelligent storage space, which is exactly what the Sedona offers. With first-in-class available Slide-N-Stow seating, you can fold the second-row captain chairs upright, and store the third-row seating directly in the floor. For those who have a middle bench, as featured in the eight-seater model, the second row will have to be taken out. Which means not only are the captain’s chairs more comfortable, but they are also much more convenient to maneuver.  

Sure, you might lose a little bit of storage space by having them folded up behind the front seats, but it’s a lot easier than taking out a bench seat and trying to figure out where to store it.


Comfort Amenities 



Apart from having exceptionally comfortable seats and ample legroom — even for passengers in the way back, where adult-size space is present — there are a few other comfort amenities employed by the Sedona to make your life in the van even more luxurious. 

Even those sitting in the middle seats don’t lose out on the luxury, seeing as the second-row seats can be heated, and have power outlets close by. The front seats? They are also heated, and even offer three-heating levels to warm you up. Completing all-around seat comfort, they are also ventilated and offer three fan settings to cool you down. 

All-new Dual Sunroofs are available, and are engineered for personalized comfort. They are placed in such a way that makes sure everyone can get a little sun. Or, if you don’t want sun, then indulge in the available second and third-row Retractable Sunshades. That way, no one has to suffer through glare or too much heat. Both the sunroof and sunshades are power operated.  

Tri-Zone Automatic Climate Control is another available comfort feature, and allows the driver, front-passenger, and five rear passengers to enjoy a specialized and automatically monitored temperature for their seating positions. 

Combine these comfort features with a memorable first row of any minivan — thanks to classy-looking gauges and buttons on the dashboard, with a full center console between the front seats — and you have a vehicle that provides unparalleled levels of luxury for its segment, with a design that’s just as sophisticated, bold, and unique as the interior.