Ram Trucks Remain Deep In the Heart of Texas

With over 20% of registered vehicles being pickups, Texas holds the largest amount of pickups in the nation. Dodge Ram dealers have had the success of selling the fastest growing truck brand in Texas. In an effort to show their support and appreciation, Ram has dedicated two exclusive editions of their 1500 pickups to Texas; the Lone Star and Texas Ranger, they’ve donated large sums to the Texas Rangers and helped start a grassroots organization that gets Ram owners to aid communities in times of need. For all that Texans have done to support the Ram brand, Ram has given back to Texas, firmly solidifying their place deep in the heart of Texas.


Lone Star Edition

In 2002, Ram announced their newest edition to their lineup: the Lone Star Edition. Being the very first manufacturer to recognize Texas as the largest pickup market in the country, Ram saluted the Lone Star state by creating their very own exclusive edition; the Lone Star Edition.

Designed by Texans and specifically built for Texans, the Ram 1500 Lone Star was a first on many levels. As Fred Diaz, then president of and CEO of Ram Truck Brand and Chrysler de Mexico as well as San Antonio native explains: “Native Texans are very proud to be from the Lone Star State. This Truck has given us the authentic opportunity to proudly connect Ram with Texas’ very proud state motto (Friendship). It’s by far our best-selling Ram truck in Texas.” And it’s remained that way. Since its creation, the Lone Star Edition accounts for nearly 40% of the ½ ton Ram truck sales in the state of Texas.


Texas Friendship

The state motto for Texas is simply the word “friendship”. With this in mind, it only makes sense that Texans have such strong ties and loyalty to the Ram brand as they do their neighbors. The Ram and Texas relationship is built on a symbiotic dedication to one another.


Ram Nation

Ram Nation is a grassroots volunteer-based group effort of Dodge Ram dealers and owners who join forces to aid when disaster strikes. Seeing the positivity that comes instinctively from truck owners natural willingness to help out when needed, Ram saw an opportunity for dealers and owners alike to band together to aid in disaster relief and community service.  


A Little Help From Their Friends

The idea for Ram Nation was sparked after the devastating tornado struck Joplin, Missouri in 2012. Ram trucks owners immediately showed up in their trucks to lend their assistance. Joining forces with First Response Team of American (FRTOA) has been integral in organizing the effort and getting Ram truck owners to come together. Answering the call to arms again in the spring of 2015 when central Texas was flood-stricken, FRTOA along with Ram Nation and dealer volunteers came together to aid in recovery and relief. Ram Trucks and FCA Foundations donated $100,000 to help Texas communities. Ram Trucks and FCA Foundations promise to provide aid in future disasters, as well.

Since their first partnering in 2012, Dodge Ram dealers have provided Ram 2500, 3500, and 5500 trucks to First Response and they have donated over $300,000 to this organization to help in ongoing relief efforts. Using their most powerful trucks to haul supplies, deliver equipment, clear debris, distribute food and water helps people in these communities after disasters strike.   


Sense of Community

Backing the incredibly strong customer base and loyal Ram truck drivers is Bob Hegbloom, President and CEO of Ram Truck brand who offers that “Ram truck owners have a strong sense of community and have the know-how, skill set and willingness to give back.”

This makes Ram owners a hugely valuable resource in times of need. Truck owners know the rewarding feeling of satisfaction that comes from hard labor. Being a force that can help out when needed contributes to that sense of accomplishment.  


Boots, Horns, and Pickups

With Texas’ strong history based in ranching, cattle farming and agriculture, it should only make sense that trucks have been permanent fixtures on the landscapes. For as long as Dodge has been making trucks, they have been forever engrained in Texas’ rich culture. The longstanding relationship between Ram Trucks, FCA and Texas is one that is steeped in tradition and solidarity. The same way cowboy boots and cattle horns are inherently Texas, so are Ram pickups.   


Ram Supports Texas Rangers

In a show of solidarity towards the state of Texas, the FCA and Ram Trucks have donated $100K to the Texas Rangers Hall of Fame and museum. As the second donation in the same sum, Ram Trucks and the FCA continue to show their appreciation for Texas’ support of their product, Ram pickups. The Texas Rangers Hall of Fame is confident their donations will aid in sharing and growing the knowledge and celebration of Texas’ and America’s rich heritage with the Texas Rangers.   

“Texas Rangers epitomize all the of the great qualities of the Lone Star State,” explains Becky Blanchard, director of Ram Truck Brand, FCA US LLC. “Ram has deep ties to Texas. Reinforcing Ram’s commitment to the Texas Ranger Division and the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum is a significant way to be engaged with the people and communities in which we do business.”


Texas Ranger 1500

Ram recently created a concept truck just for the occasion. A special “Texas Ranger” Edition of the RAM 1500 debuted this year at the Dallas Auto Show. Paying tribute to the Rangers uniforms, the all white truck dons the silver star in wheel insignia of the Rangers leaving no question about its inspiration. Fit for J.J. McQuade, the interior is detailed with intricate leather stitching and showcases more star-in-wheel insignia. Our favorite feature is a hidden compartment that if found under the center console which needs a combination lock to open the lid to store secret items. Inlaid on the door bolsters are real Mexican five-peso silver coins. Milled-aluminum Texas Ranger badge on the instrument panel notes the starting year of the Texas Rangers; 1823. As a dedication to the Lone Star State, this Texas Ranger brings out the Chuck Norris in us all.


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