Three Tips To Help Improve Your Ram Experience

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If you’re just returning home from a Dodge Ram dealership with your new truck, there are several things you should understand about your vehicle before you head out. There’s nothing negative to pass along, but it’s still important to get ahold of the Ram’s variety of impressive capabilities, specs, and features.

For example, did you have any idea that you could easily improve your Ram’s already-top-of-the-class fuel economy? Or were you aware that you can simply access a number of phone applications without taking your hands off of the steering wheel or eyes off the road?

We’ve compiled several of the more useful Ram tips we could find. When you’re finishing reading, take your new Ram for a driver and take advantage of these innovative capabilities as soon as you can!

Rely on Your Center Console’s Lesser-Known Features

A post on had very fond memories of the Ram, saying: “This is the first vehicle I have ever had that I feel the need to read the manual, front to rear. I am still discovering things that I missed in the manual. My wife commented yesterday that we will probably sell the truck in ten years, and still not be aware of all it can do.”

You should already be aware of your truck’s better-known features. This includes the center infotainment system, which can help you navigate, play your favorite songs, and perform many of your phone’s basic abilities (like calls and text). However, the advanced technology is also capable of doing so much more. You should definitely be capitalizing on the Navigation Turn by Turn technology in Cluster, where you can easily see how long you have until your next turn. You can use this technology without even having the system in navigation mode, assuring that you’ll never get lost.

If you’re a fan of music, you appreciate the ability to set your favorite artists on XM, and the infotainment system will let you know whenever your favorite band or musician is playing on any of the service’s hundreds of channels. You also have full customization over your vehicle’s technology. If you want to add additional gauges to your cluster display, you can customize the unit to your liking.

Finally, to access all of these services, you only need to use your voice. If you want to check out your vehicle’s diagnostics, you just have to ask. If your kids want to watch to watch something, all they have to do is say the word.

These little-known features aren’t exclusive to the infotainment system. For example, your vehicle can be set to push back the driver’s seat whenever the driver is ready to exit the vehicle. If you have an attached trailer hitch, you can take advantage of the entry or exit mode, meaning you won’t have to jack up the height of the tongue. In previous models, you could press specific buttons that would allow your two front windows to roll down automatically. It’s just small easter eggs like these that make the Dodge Ram such a fun ride.

Maximize Your Ram’s Fuel Efficiency


You would never expect a pickup truck to produce eye-popping fuel economy specs, so it’s not a disappointment that the Ram’s engine only delivers 15 city mile per gallon and 21 highway mile per gallon efficiency. In fact, those numbers are still relatively impressive, especially when compared to rival pickups. Still, if you’re making the transition from a sedan to the Ram pickup, you may initially be shocked at how much fuel the vehicle is guzzling. If that’s the case, you can utilize a number of tips that will help maximize your gas tank’s fuel economy.

You’ll first want to assure that all of the essential parts are functioning properly, as even the smallest and (what appears to be) insignificant faulty piece can greatly reduce your vehicle’s fuel economy, hurting your wallet in the long run. If a specific part looks like it’s well past its prime, there’s a good chance that it is… and that should be an indication that the part is not performing to the best of its abilities. If you have an inkling that a particular part needs to be replaced or fixed, don’t hesitate to get it checked out. Older, rusting parts can not only hurt your car’s fuel economy, but can also compromise your car’s overall performance. This sentiment can also be applied to the tires, and you’ll also want to make sure that your truck has been filled up to the proper fuel levels (it’s also essential to use the recommended oil).

You should also consider replacing your car’s air filter every now and again. A car performs at its best when the engine is allowed to breathe, and the fuel economy can suffer if engine is blocked. A U.S. Department of Energy investigation discovered that clogged air filters can reduce fuel economy by as much as 14 percent! Besides having an effect on the miles-per-gallon specs, it can also improve your car’s acceleration.

Finally, the way you drive and operate your truck can also impact your vehicle’s fuel economy. Accelerating will use up the most fuel, and speeding can also contribute to lower fuel efficiency. Sticking to the speed limit is essential if you want to maximize your fuel, and, if possible, driving at around 60 mph is the best for your engine. Stopping and starting is probably one of the worse thing you could do to your engine, but it’s unavoidable in some situations. If you can anticipate a stop, begin decelerating early. This way, you car won’t need to accelerate from a stop when the light turns green.

Maximize the Life of Your Ram

It’s always sad when you have to retire a vehicle, especially when it’s your dependable Ram pickup. It’s impossible to rely on the truck forever, but you can still keep some pointers in mind that will help increase your vehicle’s lifespan.

  • Assure that you’re never dropping below one-fourth of a tank of gas. A tank that’s consistently full will protect the fuel pump, which should also save you from future repairs.
  • By free flowing the exhaust and intake, you’ll be letting your engine breathe better, thus improving performance.
  • To prevent your air filter from getting clogged with dust, use compressed air to clean the unit.
  • Assure that your truck’s block heater is warm during the cold months. Neglecting it could lead to some issues come spring.
  • Keep up on all of your oil changes, whether it’s for the engine, transmission, or differentials.
  • An e-fan will prevent your motor from overheating when the vehicle is sitting in the sun.

Furthermore, reducing the number of short trips is always a good idea, although that’s certainly not always possible. If the truck engine can never get hot, plenty of moisture and water will start mixing with the oil. This can result in the development of black, sludgy goo, which is never good for your vehicle’s mechanics. Short trips can also take a toll on your battery and alternator, which aren’t engineered to be constantly powered on and powered off.

_ Helpful information, right? You can find a whole lot more information on the Ram pickup online, or you could refer to the vehicle’s guide. The owner’s manual is practically a novel (not that we’re complaining), and if you end up purchasing a Dodge Ram, we’re sure you’ll still be discovering new functions for years to come. _

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