SRW or DRW: Ram Truck Options for Everyone

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Ram Dually vs Non-Dually

Ram’s heavy-duty trucks are available with a single rear wheel (SRW) configuration and a dual rear wheel (DRW) a.k.a. “dually” configuration. If you are looking at purchasing a new truck and can’t decide between an SRW truck or a dually pickup truck, this post might help.

A single rear wheel truck is a standard pickup truck that has four wheels like a car or SUV. A dually truck has an extra set of wheels on the rear axle, so in total the truck has six wheels on two axles. There are pros and cons to both truck configurations and the best option for you depends on your truck needs and your budget.

One of the biggest advantages of a DRW truck is the increased payload capacity and gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) . That extra payload capacity boosts how much a DRW truck can carry and tow. For example, a Ram 3500 Tradesman 6.4L HEMI V8 3.73 Axle Ratio SRW has a payload capacity of 4,140 pounds and the Ram 3500 Tradesman 6.4L HEMI V8 3.73 Axle Ratio DRW has a payload capacity of 6,890 pounds.

Additionally, if you are towing heavy loads, like a livestock trailer, large boat or a big RV, DRW trucks offer much smoother ride and more stability on the road. Wind can be a big problem when towing and a DRW makes wind less of a problem.

However, if your truck is for typical everyday driving and you don’t typically need to tow very heavy equipment, an SRW truck would be a smarter choice. SRW trucks are not as wide, so driving in heavy traffic and parking them is much easier. SRW trucks also tend to have a more comfortable ride.

Also, dually trucks are less fuel efficient than SRW trucks and repairs and maintenance is harder, so they are more expensive over time.

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