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Ram Trucks is poised to have a big year, opting to build on the success they experienced in 2018 when its new 1500 pickup swept a vast majority of the year’s awards and inched closer to being second-place in the prestigious pickup market – a position the brand has yet to occupy. 2019 brings on the all-new Ram Heavy Duty trucks (2500 and 3500) – two trucks seemingly dedicated to pushing the boundaries and expectations of what it means to be heavy-duty.

Jim Morrison, of Ram North America, knows how important these trucks are to the brand, saying “These trucks will play a key role in wherever we go with the brand. They define the capability of our pickups.” Newest technologies and the first factory engine capable of producing more than 1,000 lb-ft of torque are two features that heavy-duty truckers place a lot of value in. Prices are rumored to range from around $34,000 for a base work truck climbing into the $90,000 range for a loaded luxury trim. Some of the latest features include a new-and-improved 6.7-liter turbodiesel engine from Cummins, a 12-inch iPad-style touchscreen display in the dashboard, and electronics that downshift the automatic transmission to control heavy loads when towing downhill.

High-tier trims also offer lavish interiors clad in fancy leather, wood trimming, and more passenger space than other luxury vehicles can only dream of. The steel frame functioning a the backbone of the pickup is manufactured with ultra-high-strength steel to reduce overall weight and offers more reinforcements to tow bigger trailers and haul heavier loads. So what’s the brand’s strategy to knock Chevry off the pedestal?

Morrison cites a lot of industry research and rapt attentiveness to customers’ ever-changing desires when it comes to crafting the brand’s lineup. Performance is of the essence, of course. “We can out-power, out-tow and out-haul everybody in the market,” says Morrison, but the shifting views about heavy-duty pickups being more than tools for let’s say a ranch or construction play an influential role in what the truck-maker aims to deliver. “You can sit in the best interior in the industry and drive the most capable vehicle,” said Morrison.

According to research, about a third of heavy-duty pickup owners use them recreationally, while another third uses them strictly for work. The remaining crowd uses the heavy-duty pickups for a combination of both, Morrison said. Relying on the latest technologies, Ram hopes to continue to deliver trucks that enhance the lives of owners, with the new heavy-duty trucks using about 10 percent less fuel than the outgoing trucks they replace.

What might’ve been nothing other than a goal – replacing Chevy as the No. two pickup brand – now seems like a plan. The all-new 2019 Ram 1500, combined with the all-new 2500 and 3500 are the tools to finally get Ram over the line. Ram’s overall pickup sales came up 48,601 vehicle units shy of topping Chevy in 2018, and with the obvious plans for production growth in the brand’s future, it appears being No. two might actually be within reach.

Prospective buyers looking to get a taste of the Ram brand’s latest innovations can explore the all-new 2019 Ram 1500 at Miami Lakes AutoMall. Those looking for something with a bit more power should follow Miami Lakes Ram on social media to be the first to know when the all-new heavy-duty trucks make their way across dealer lots.

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