Ram Teases a Pickup Truck Able to Outrank the RHO

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Even though several Ram loyalists are disappointed that there is not a 2025 model year Ram 1500 TRX–meaning no more off-road Ram with a supercharged V-8 engine is available–to go along with the rest of the updated 1500 lineup, the feeling might be premature. Ram Trucks indirectly confirmed the recently-revealed 2025 Ram 1500 RHO is only a stand-in flagship for the full-size pickup truck lineup and that an even more potent variant is in the works. The confirmation was made by the brand’s advertising chief Jeff Summers via a LinkedIn post detailing all the Easter Eggs hidden in the RHO television ad dubbed “The Convoy” led by actor Glen Powell. 

Deciphering the Clues

It is worth noting that Summers listed 20 specific concealed details of the video, with number nine being the most memorable. “Dirt bikes, with ‘540’ on one for the RHO horsepower, and another bike – which has a number intentionally left blank for the next Ram High HP vehicle with three letters,” he announced. 

Granted, it is not a direct confirmation of a new TRX, but it clearly points to a future Ram with heaps of horsepower, especially since the RHO and its twin-turbocharged inline-six engine offers the same output as other facelifted 2025 model year Ram 1500 versions. In other words, the RHO is not a direct successor for the savage, supercharged 6.2-liter V-8-powered TRX in terms of output or outright performance, though it comes close with its zero to 60 miles per hour sprint time.

Indeed, Ram CEO Tim Kuniskis hinted last year (2023) that the automaker’s formidable TRX nameplate was far from extinct, despite the release of the RHO. Kuniskis stated the TRX name is “on the shelf for a little while” and said it might be used in the future.

The Possibilities for a Future TRX

Ram has been non-committal on the subject up to this point, though one way to look at this is to consider the TRX name itself – a nod to the T-Rex, a dinosaur mightier than the smaller Raptor. To that end, Ford makes an F-150 with that exact name, and when the 1500 TRX debuted in 2021, it and its 702-horsepower V-8 engine easily out-muscled the then-six-cylinder-only F-150 Raptor. The TRX name suited the vehicle. 

Not only that, Ford added a Raptor R for 2023 with a supercharged V-8, though with “only” 700 horsepower, allowing the Ram’s name to march on unironically. A year later, the R received a TRX-beating power increase to 720 horsepower for the 2024 model year, just as Ram retired the TRX. Perhaps the TRX name is on hiatus until Ram can wring Raptor R-beating power from its new Hurricane inline-six, which reports suggest is capable of such output. Meanwhile, the RHO can claim bragging rights over the non-R Raptor.

That said, there are two or three main powertrain options when it comes to the born-again TRX: an even more robust iteration of the pickup’s six-cylinder, a hybridized variant of the same Hurricane engine, or a full battery-electric setup, a system that has been teased in the past. Ram and its Stellantis parent company will likely want to highlight the true capabilities of their new 3.0-liter Hurricane mill and have previously confirmed it is receptive to electrification.

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