Ram Plans to Go Global with the 1500 REV

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The Ram 1500 REV will launch in Australia “very close” to the trim’s United States debut in 2024, with the brand’s global chief promising to prioritize Australian production to get the all-electric pickup truck into the market as swiftly as possible. Ram Trucks has been selling left-hand drive pickup trucks in Australia since 2016. Nonetheless, Stellantis, the parent company of Ram, is exploring opportunities in 2023 to bolster its sales, which includes the potential production of factory-built right-hand-drive trucks for future generations. This move would replace the current practice of shipping left-hand drive trims and converting them to right-hand drive.

Ultimately, the brand is pursuing from-factory right-hand drive production, both for the 1500 REV and for future products, as part of a broader push to go global. Nevertheless, it should be taken into account that this potential transition is still precarious and may not happen until the end of the decade. The good news is, Mike Koval, Ram Brand Chief Executive Officer, stated, “The idea here, and with any future product, is that we are a global brand more than ever. Historically, Ram brand sales have been predominantly in North America. Not anymore.” 

Ram’s Potential Outside of North America

The automaker currently sells five trim levels of the Ram 1500 internationally, including the TRX, as well as the 2500 and 3500. In United States dollars at current exchange rates, pricing for the trucks begins at $66,088 MSRP (Plus destination fee), while the cost for the supremely robust Ram 1500 TRX commences at $146,904 MSRP (Plus destination fee), reports carexpert.com.au.

For example, despite the high MSRPs, Ram Trucks Australia has been a triumph since having premiered in 2016. As a matter of fact, in the 2022 model year, the automaker sold more than 6,000 trucks. By comparison, just 2,400 Chevrolet Silverados were sold in the same period.

The Facility Grows

The sales figures were enough to justify the expansion of the manufacturer’s conversion facility, which was upgraded to be able to convert 20,000 automobiles per year since October of 2022. For now, though, that is not quite enough to merit an investment in factory right-hand drive production. “That’s what we’re studying right now, to be honest. And probably not. It might not [work],” claimed Koval. “These are just ideas, whiteboard-type things. Obviously if we were to do right-hand-drive from the factory – which I can’t do today – that might change certain things of course.”  

The Ram 1500 REV for the Global Market

Unveiled in the metal overnight at the New York Auto Show, the 1500 REV promises technology, styling, and capability that pushes beyond what anyone in the category could have imagined. The on-paper numbers seem to back up that statement, with Ram confirming the specifics of its first electric truck. For the international market, the 1500 REV will feature dual 250kW motors, with enormous batteries that include a 168kWh choice, and a 229kWh option. The larger battery, Ram declares, will allow for a massive 800 kilometer driving range. Moreover, the truck can sprint to 100 kilometers per hour in just over 4.4 seconds.

Indeed, global expansion is very much a part of Ram’s launch plan for the 1500 REV, and for all of its future trims. It seems like everyone is eagerly awaiting the premiere of Ram’s first electric vehicle, and if you would like to see what else the company has in store, please visit Miami Lakes Automall. Are you thrilled about getting a new car? So are we. If you are looking for a new option to buy or lease, please view our new vehicle inventory or our quality pre-owned vehicles. We have several for you to choose from. 

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