Ram Pickups Combat Twisters a Second Time Around

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Miami Lakes Automall 2024 Ram 2500

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In 1996, the action movie Twister debuted. Even though the film revolves around an estranged, storm-chasing couple and the mile-wide F5 tornado they pursue, everyone loyal to Ram knows the real stars do not have any lines. For pickup truck enthusiasts, the red 1995 Dodge Ram 2500 stole the show during some of the film’s most climactic action sequences. At the time of Twister’s filming, Dodge had just premiered its second-generation Ram pickup truck. 

The all-new redesign sported rounded yet aggressive bodylines, massive sweeping fenders, and a new 8.0-liter V-10 Magnum power plant. The bright red Dodge Ram 2500 4×4 is dependable, bold, and burly, spending its screen time saving the film’s protagonists and, eventually, sacrificing itself for the greater good – deploying the final, and only successful, Dorothy.

Tornadoes Strike Again in Twisters

On July 19, 2024, a sequel titled Twisters will feature Ram trucks once again, including a Ram 1500 TRX. The talented actor Glen Powell has a connection to Ram Trucks that now extends to the upcoming summer blockbuster, where his character will be seen maneuvering perilous storms in Ram pickup trucks, displaying the automaker’s reliability and durability. Powell brings his own ambition and passion to the table, emulating the characteristics that Ram customers depend on when selecting their pickups.

Ram Trucks continues to be a juggernaut in the industry, providing the most reasonably priced and capable off-road truck lineup. With Powell’s involvement, the brand’s commitment to delivering top-quality vehicles is reinforced, and the manufacturer’s fervor for adventure is intensified. Indeed, sources indicate that in the “Twister Cinematic Universe,” a Ram truck will be outfitted with an abundance of storm chaser equipment, including an external roll cage and drills that will attach it to the ground.

The Authority of the Ram Brand

In terms of current market trends, there is a growing demand for off-road trucks and vehicles with advanced capabilities and features. Consumers are increasingly searching for versatile, durable, and reliable trucks that can tackle numerous terrains and weather conditions. This trend is driven by outdoor enthusiasts, adventure seekers, and buyers who prioritize functionality and performance in their vehicles. 

The use of Ram automobiles in a flick like Twisters mirrors the consumer trend to an amplified degree. For example, in the original movie, a Ram truck was responsible for catapulting a barrel affectionately nicknamed Dorothy into the tornado for research purposes. The sequel, in turn, suggests that the pickup truck will be used to disrupt the meteorological phenomenon, increasing adrenaline levels even further.

Forecasting the future of the truck market, further advancements in technology can be expected, including more electric and hybrid options, as well as greater connectivity and safety features. As the demand for off-road capability continues to rise, manufacturers are likely to invest in developing more robust and potent trucks to cater to this market segment.

Take a Drive on the Wild Side with a Ram Truck at Miami Lakes Automall!

An advantage of the association between Ram Trucks and Glen Powell is the potential to attract new customers and bolster the brand’s image. Powell’s involvement with popular movies like Twisters and his action-packed roles can create a strong connection between the Ram Truck brand and adventure-seeking consumers. This collaboration can enhance the appeal of Ram pickup trucks to a broader audience.

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