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Ram wants to be a star in the work-driven heavy-duty segment. How does the truck maker hope to achieve that? With capability bragging rights of course. Back in January (2019), Ram introduced the revamped heavy-duty lineup at the North American International Auto Show with the main selling point – its 1,000 lb-ft of torque rating. Power doesn’t mean forgoing styling, not for Ram Trucks. According to Mike Gillam, Ram’s exterior design manager, the “visual durability” design team was not at odds with the function of the truck. Gillam spoke to Automotive News and detailed the collaboration between the design and engineering teams, here are a few interesting tidbits that let the public in on the work that goes on behind the scenes.

Gillam stated that the capability of the truck comes first, everything else is secondary. The goals of the engineers and designers need to be perfectly aligned. No accent or accessory is entirely for show on the 2019 Ram Heavy Duty lineup, even the size of the grille is intentionally designed to fit the cooling requirements for the 35,100-pound towing capacity. Just like the grille serves as a focal point when potential buyers are looking to buy a new truck, designers themselves begin there as well as they start to move elements on the front of the truck. This approach lets designers give themselves some room as lighting technology constantly changes and trucks adapt.

Meetings between engineers and designers took place two to three times per week just so they could all be sure they were on the same page, and that all the designers were doing was in favor of enabling the capability of the heavy-duty trucks. Aerothermal and cooling tests were the norm week after week as designers sought feedback from the engineers. An open grille mesh was of the essence according to Gillam. Of course, challenges arose as the design progressed, but it’s safe to say that the designers nailed the very businesslike look of the truck. The Ram heavy-duty lineup consists of pickups that combine visual durability with actual mechanical durability as well.

What designers refer to as a “very refined finish line” helped then achieve the desired design much faster. Choosing capability as the leading wow-factor for these new generation heavy-duty trucks remained the guiding principle through and through. Of course, Ram pickups boast a lot of personality, starting with the light-duty trucks. Ram doesn’t consider trucks as just another segment in the automotive industry, the brand fully recognizes that they’re nearly their own world. There are trucks for off-roading, for hauling, even for payload. There are even sports performance-oriented trucks. Ram aims to offer the right package for every single truck buyer. Catering to a wide range, complete with different tastes and needs, has been the key to their uprising success.

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