Ram Hunts Hunger in New Ad Campaign

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Ram hunts hunger

In a new ad campaign, Ram is once again calling attention to the hunger problem that still faces America. Having addressed this issue before during their 2013 “Year of the Farmer” campaign, Ram is once again pointing its spotlight back in this direction. This time, they’re calling to the hunters to aid in help.

Counting on the help from the steadfastly loyal community of Ram truck owners, Ram is also joining forces with the FHFH (Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry) which is an organization that allows hunters to donate a portion of their hunt to feel the less fortunate. Ram’s ad campaign focuses on hunters and great woods and the current movement among hunters to aid in feeding the hungry.

Ram trucks is proud to have the following of such loyal fans. Ram drivers are everyday people who, when called to action, step up to help their fellow neighbor, community, and country. When you buy a Ram truck, you’re buying into something bigger and greater than just yourself. When considering your next truck, consider a * Ram 1500 in Miami . * Consider belonging to something that contributes to the greater good.

Ram’s Call to Action: Donate Your Hunt

donate FHFH

Using their platform to raise awareness for the millions of Americans who suffer from hunger and struggle to put food on their family’s plate, Ram feels they can help by targeting their audience, most of whom are outdoor and hunting enthusiasts. By appealing to their passion of hunting, they are hoping to speak to the compassion when suggesting that one donation can help provide over 200 meals. Regardless of the pickup you drive, knowing your donation can make such an impact is something we can all unite behind.

“Ram has a history of using its marketing voice to connect with audiences in relevant and meaningful ways to make a difference,” says Olivier Francois, Chief Marketing Officer, FCA – Global. “With the purposeful call-to-action in our new outdoor enthusiast campaign, Ram hopes to inspire and activate the passion of our truck owners to help fight hunger.”

Using the hashtag #ramhuntshunger in all their advertisements, Rams marketing is approaching this issue through social media as well as television, print, and digital media. The hashtag is presented on every ad and urges viewers to visit RamTrucks.com/outdoorsman to learn more about getting involved.


By collaborating with FHFH, their initiatives are great and sure to make a difference this holiday season. Established in 1997, Farmers and Hunters Feeding the Hungry has been addressing America’s hunger problem in a unique and relevant way: by enabling hunters with the ability to provide donations of healthy meats to those who are struggling with hunger or having difficulty providing for their family.

Other sponsors of FHFH are Mossy Oak and Drury Outdoors who also partnered with Ram trucks in the production of their Mossy Oak 1500 Edition, which speaks specifically to the ultimate outdoors hunting and fishing enthusiasts.

Celebrating the Outdoors Lifestyle

Ram hood antlers

While this campaign focuses on bringing to light the hunger issues that face millions of Americans, their aim is to reach the hunters of this nation by highlighting the pristine yet unbridled territory and exposure hunters subject themselves to. Using Sam Elliot’s voice to narrate, the commercial showcases the harsh conditions of winter landscapes and the reality of the hunt which coincides with the even more cruel reality that await those who go hungry everyday. The point is driven home even further when Sam Elliot, whose voice is as deep, rugged and yet as smooth as an 18 Year Single Malt, provides the information the one donation of your hunt can provide up to 200 meals.

Oddly enough, as successful as this campaign has been so far, very little attention has been shed on the Ram 1500 Mossy Oak Edition. If that name sounds familiar, it’s because Mossy Oak is also a sponsor of FHFH.

Ram Brand: Committed to Making a Difference

Since parting ways with the Dodge name in 2009, Ram has been working to create their own identity. Aiming at providing the best pickups for commercial and personal use, their ability to produce strong, capable and durable pickups has contributed to the strong following they’ve been enjoying since the split. With the ability to focus on their customers, they’ve been able to find that they are a people who are deeply connected to each other and have a strong sense of community.

Sharing a Strong Sense of Community

Ram is fortunate enough to not only have an incredibly loyal following but to also have some of the most passionate and compassionate drivers in America. In many different occasions, you’ll find Bob Hegbloom, President, and CEO of Ram Truck brand speaking highly of their drivers and enthusiasts. “Ram truck owners have a strong sense of community and have the knowhow, skill set and willingness to give back.”

This makes Ram owners a hugely valuable resource in times of need. Truck owners and Ram drivers alike are always willing to help out and aid in any way they can, which is why Hegbloom knew addressing the hunger issue again will bring success to the folks who need it most. In the past, Ram has garnered a lot of attention from their ability to successfully rally together to offer support and relief in disaster ridden communities.

Because of this, there’s no reason that this campaign won’t also be successful. In the past, they’ve called upon their drivers to ban together to aid communities who have suffered from natural disasters. The successes of these endeavors have even spawned a grassroots organization, Ram Nation.

Ram Nation: Getting By With a Little Help From Friends

Texas Floods Ram Nation

The idea for Ram Nation was sparked after the devastating tornado that struck Joplin, Missouri in 2012. Ram trucks owners immediately showed up in their trucks to lend their assistance. Joining forces with First Response Team of American (FRTOA) has been integral in organizing the effort and getting Ram truck owners to come together.

Answering the call to arms again in the spring of 2015 when central Texas was flood-stricken, the FRTOA, along with Ram Nation and dealer volunteers joined forces for aid in recovery and relief. Ram Trucks and FCA Foundations donated $100,000 to FRTOA to help Texas communities. Ram Trucks and FCA Foundations promise to provide aid in future disasters, as well.

Since their first partnering in 2012, Dodge Ram dealers have provided Ram 2500, 3500, and 5500 trucks to First Response and they have donated over $300,000 to this organization to help in ongoing relief efforts. Using their most powerful trucks to haul supplies, deliver equipment, clear debris, distribute food and water helps people in these communities after disasters strike.

Ram Supports Texas

The longstanding relationship between Ram Trucks, FCA, and Texas is one that is steeped in tradition and solidarity. The same way cowboy boots and cattle horns are inherently Texas, so are Ram pickups. That’s why when Texans need help, Ram will always be there to lend a helping hand.

In a show of solidarity towards the state of Texas, the FCA and Ram Trucks have donated $100K to the Texas Rangers Hall of Fame and museum. As the second donation in the same sum, Ram continues to show their appreciation for Texas’ support of their product, Ram pickups. The Texas Rangers Hall of Fame is confident their donations will aid in sharing and growing the knowledge and celebration of Texas’ and America’s rich heritage with the Texas Rangers.

Whether or not you own a Ram pickup, they have made one thing very clear about who they are as a company: united with their drivers and dedicated to their community and nation. With your help, Ram has been able to aid in multiple natural disaster reliefs, donate money to continued various causes and help feed the overwhelmingly hungry population of America. Imagine all that could be accomplished if everyone across the country stepped up to help the same way.

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