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Dodge RAM Dealer - Oil Change

Dodge RAM Dealer - Oil Change

Looking for a Dodge RAM dealer that can fix any problem you may encounter with your RAM pickup truck? Well, Miami Lakes Dodge RAM is the perfect place for any repairs you may need! Our Service & Parts Center is staff the most well-trained RAM technicians in the state of Florida!

Our Service & Parts Center can fix anything, even capable of giving your RAM truck an oil change. But before you venture down to our dealership, it’s good to know the signs that indicate your RAM truck needs an oil change.

Take a look at these few indicators so you’ll never be late on a much-needed oil change again.

Your Oil is Black

The need for an oil change can be found in the color of your oil. The original color of your vehicle’s oil should resemble the brownish gold color of honey. However, this color will continue to darken until it’s a pitch black, a major indicator that an oil change is needed.

Also make sure to look for any particles floating in the oil along with its dark color. A massive amount of black oil can clog the filter of you RAM truck.

A Loud Engine

Is the engine of your RAM truck roaring a little louder than usual? Then it’s time to get an oil change. Healthy oil will lubricate your engine and keep operation smooth.

However, if the oil is not changed, the engine will eventually grind against itself, causing it to roar louder. This may cause some serious damage to your vehicle, so it’s good to get your oil changed on regular basis.

The Check Engine Light Remains On

If you see your check engine light come on in your RAM truck, it could be a sign that your oil needs to be changed. While the check engine light may actually indicate a more serious problem, it doesn’t hurt to check the oil of your vehicle.

quick glance at the status of your vehicle’s oil could make a huge difference in the well-being of your RAM truck.

Come on down to the Service & Parts Center at Miami Lakes Dodge RAM today for all your RAM-related needs! Oil change or no oil change, we’re here to help!

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