Five Parts and Accessories From Mopar That Take the 2021 Ram 1500 to New Heights

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One of the biggest perks of getting behind the wheel of a new vehicle is the ability to make it one’s own. Plenty of truck buyers love to accessorize their rides once they take the vehicle home, and owners of the latest Ram 1500 are no different. The best accessories and parts for Ram pickups come from Mopar, the brand’s official parts, service and customer care division. With hundreds of parts and accessories, it’s easy to get overwhelmed while sifting through the Mopar catalog. However, new wheels and tires, along with lift kits and light bars, tend to be some of the most common upgrades. Here are five parts and accessories from Mopar that take the 2021 Ram 1500 to new heights.

Beadlock-capable Wheels

Adding more performance to these trucks, Beadlock wheels prevent dismounting while off-roading due to the lower tire pressure and high torque loads. Off-road performance is improved as the Beadlock claps a tire’s bead between an outer/inner ring that’s attached to the wheel, preventing enthusiasts from getting stranded. Keep in mind that it’s illegal to drive on the paved road with Beadlocks on, but they’re perfectly suited to traverse paths unknown.

All-weather mats

Mopar makes heavy-duty mats that help contain dirt, debris, and mud while off-roading and keeps the interior protected even while putting the pickup through the wringer. Providing excellent coverage of the entire cabin, all-weather mats contour well on the floorboards. The fact that they come straight from Mopar ensures an exact fit and the best floor mats out there for the Ram 1500.

Mopar Rambar

Need better visibility after the sun goes down? The Ram 1500 Mopar Rambar is the answer here with its easy-to-mount LED lights that add a cool touch to the pickup. The lights are incredibly bright, come in a 5-inch kit, and are recommended for off-road use only. Lighting a trail in the dead of night has never been easier.

*Mopar Performance Intake & Exhaust *

This one is for the diehard HEMI lovers out there — no other accessory makes the 5.7-liter V8 engine sound better. Those who want their pickup to whine like a Charger Scat Pack should look no further. Surprisingly, the additional intake and exhaust from Mopar aren’t as loud as to annoy the neighbors, they simply give the pickup a nice hum while it’s on the road. Consider it an enhancement to the sound the V8 naturally makes. **

Mopar Cargo Bed Light Kit

This accessory isn’t adding any panache as it’s all about utility functions, but the Mopar Cargo Bed Light Kit gets the job done. Gone are the days of digging for tools on the truck bed in the dark. Accessorizing a pickup doesn’t always need to be grandiose and flashy, the simple addition of some lighting can be considered a top off-road accessory.

The biggest advantage for drivers shopping for parts and accessories from Mopar is that these are aftermarket parts straight from the manufacturer. Owners run no risks of voiding their factory warranty when installing Mopar aftermarket parts unless the part or accessory comes with a disclaimer. There are over 200 different accessories available for Ram’s half-ton and heavy-duty pickups. For owners looking to take their pickups to the next level, Mopar parts and accessories are a compelling option because they’re designed to fit their vehicles.

If you’d like to know more about Mopar’s product portfolio that exceeds hundreds of factory-engineered parts and accessories for the Ram Trucks lineup , reach out to us via Miami Lakes Ram social media. Mopar offers more than 200 products for the entire 2021 Ram Truck lineup. Explore the latest pickups from Ram Trucks here at Miami Lakes AutoMall. Schedule your test drive today!

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