Features that Make the Ram 1500 REV Revolutionary

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The automotive industry is being electrified, providing a growing number of zero-emission choices for buyers seeking clean and green transportation. The truck segment is no exception. To that end, Ram’s combustion-engine 1500 holds a top spot in the full-size pickup truck rankings, featuring a refined cabin and poised driving dynamics. The 1500 REV will cater to buyers who want those sterling characteristics combined with an all-electric powertrain.

The Singular Design Language of the 1500 REV

Ram unveiled the 1500 Revolution battery electric vehicle (BEV) Concept earlier this year (2023) to hint at what enthusiasts can expect as the automaker journeys into the world of electrification. The concept truck has a futuristic look, a full-LED “tuning fork” headlight design, and chiseled lines. The 1500 REV is more conservative than its concept-car predecessor, but some details, like the unique headlights, carry over. 

The front of the electric vehicle features body-color fascia and a lit “Ram” badge in a fresh script. The sheet metal appears muscular, and this Ram gives buyers a choice between 20- and 22-inch wheels. In the back, the pickup truck features an LED tail light design that is all-new and exclusive to the electric vehicle.

Outstanding Range

Performance goes beyond range, and the Ram is a very capable truck. It can tow an eye-watering 14,000 pounds and has a payload of 2,700 pounds. In fact, consumers can expect a zero to 60 mile per hour time of 4.4 seconds, 654 horsepower, and 620 pound-feet of torque. While the raw specifications are remarkable, and the industry-leading range is a standard attribute, the truck is about practicality. People are unlikely to be taking regular road trips in their unladen Rams, but the range serves a different purpose. 

The larger that range number is, the farther they are able to go when they are loaded. The trucks are utilizing that payload, and they are relying on that towing capacity. It is required for the unladen number to be larger, so they can do more when they are using it. This feeds into the pragmatic principle Ram has for the 1500 REV: its owners can do everything they need to do without any added inconvenience.

The Interior

As mentioned, the core foundation of the electric truck is the merger of pragmatism and upscale aesthetics. For example, the cabin is four inches longer than that of Ram’s gas-fueled counterparts, but the choice of wide-opening, saloon-style doors adds to the sense of a spacious interior. Another convenient modification is the removal of the B-pillar, facilitating entry and exit, especially for passengers seated in the rear. The doors represent a futuristic paradigm shift that is beneficial to those customers with young children or people with limited mobility.

The technological amenities further underscore the emphasis on functionality. According to sources, “Unlike traditional side view mirrors that rely on bulky glass panels, the Ram 1500 EV utilizes sleek, compact mirrors that employ a 360-degree camera system to provide drivers with a clear view of their surroundings. This design choice not only enhances the truck’s aerodynamic efficiency but also sets a new standard for automotive technology.” 

Moreover, Ram’s Uconnect 5 system enables real-time footage to be broadcast on a 14.5-inch touchscreen. It boasts split-screen capability, so drivers can use the display to tackle more than one application at a time. Not only that, the digital units can be personalized to showcase relevant information regarding driver assistance features, such as lane departure alerts and blind spot warnings.

Ram plans to make the 1500 REV available for buyers in the final quarter of the 2024 model year. If you would like to learn more about the dynamic approach of Ram’s electric pickup truck, please come visit Miami Lakes Automall. We are all about helping our customers enjoy their shopping experience. We have a friendly and passionate sales team that will make your buying, leasing, or selling needs simple for any of our new vehicle inventory. We are happy to be your dealership home.

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