Design Changes Expected for the 1500 and 1500 REV, but Models Still Iconically Ram

July 1st, 2023 by

Miami Lakes Automall 2023 Ram 1500

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Even though it is a tad late to the all-electric pickup truck reception, Ram believes that its newly revealed Ram 1500 REV will redefine the segment once again. From an aesthetics standpoint, that is certainly the case for the 2023 model year. Up front, the first detail that immediately draws one’s attention to the electric vehicle is the design of the headlights. Backlit RAM lettering monopolizes the blocked-off grille, and marker lights are featured directly where the grille meets the hood. The styling of the hood is fairly different from the internal combustion engined (ICE) Ram 1500 as well, as expected of an electric truck. 

Outfitted with rear-facing video cameras rather than typical side mirrors, the concept seems almost monolithic from the front. Still inspired by the big-rig motif presented by the second-generation Dodge Ram in 1993 for the 1994 model year, the Ram 1500 REV concept appears aggressive, yet is not as rugged as the fossil-fuel Ram 1500. 

Reasoning Behind the Aesthetic

The Stellantis-owned truck maker did not have a choice, though. Similar to the Chevrolet Silverado electric vehicle, Ford F-150 Lightning, and GMC Sierra electric vehicle, the artistic freedom of the design team was limited by the drag coefficient. Decreasing the drag coefficient in a combustion-engined vehicle results in better fuel efficiency at speed; that is to say, high-speed driving on the highway. Electric vehicles, on the other hand, would not be viable in such a driving scenario without a low drag coefficient. 

From the rear, Ram’s design study looks nothing like the gas-powered 1500. From the split-opening tailgate to the illuminated RAM lettering and reverse L-shaped taillights, the concept is supremely different from the half-ton pickup trucks currently available for delivery in 2023 at Ram dealerships in the United States market. 

Inconsistent with Ram’s Conventional Style? Not So Fast

In fact, certain enthusiasts might even describe it as incompatible with Ram’s tried-and-true exterior design language. On the other hand, Ram understands that consumers’ preferences obviously change over time. The Auburn Hills-based automaker also recognizes that customers in the market for a truck that relies on an internal combustion engine have different priorities and preferences compared to those willing to put a deposit down on a battery-electric truck.

The Ram 1500 Versus the Ram 1500 REV

Higher trim levels of internal combustion engine vehicles have interiors that feature real aluminum, wood, and leather. The most significant difference, however, is the interior layout of the zero-emission truck concept from its fossil-fuel siblings. No fewer than 28 inches worth of touchscreen are provided, split between two screens. The somewhat square steering wheel does not frame an instrument cluster but an illuminated dashboard with ambient lighting that seems loosely inspired by the headlights. 

While Ram had the first massive touchscreen infotainment system, contenders have already caught up. That said, the Ram 1500 is currently the oldest design among Detroit’s half-ton pickup trucks, but that does not mean Ram is resting on its laurels. While the current 2023 trim is still competitive courtesy of its solid interior and mechanicals, Ram’s engineers are hard at work on a mid-cycle refresh. According to inside sources from, the ICE-powered Ram 1500 will experience an evolutionary design update. 

One of the most notable changes expected in the refresh is the integration of a passenger-side infotainment screen, similar to what is found in the new electric Ram REV. Indeed, if the rumors from are to be believed, the modifications will be monumental: “The centerpiece of the interior is the Uconnect 5 system, now equipped with an impressive 14.5-inch touchscreen. Complementing the touchscreen is a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster. In a segment-first move, the Ram 1500 ICE will feature a spacious 10.25-inch passenger screen, allowing passengers to access entertainment and navigation options.” 

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