Dare Forward 2030 Prompts Electrification of Stellantis’ Commercial Vehicles

November 11th, 2023 by

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On October 23, 2023, Stellantis unveiled its revamped lineup of commercial vehicles. It is part of the company’s Pro One initiative, the new name for its light commercial vehicle business that bundles six brands into one group. It has launched 12 vehicles for Citroen, Opel, Fiat Professional, Vauxhall, and Peugeot, including the Fiat E-Ducato that likely previews the Ram ProMaster electric vehicle (EV). To that end, Ram’s reinvigorated North American lineup will be presented later this year (2023). 

Ram will reveal the electric ProMaster by the end of the 2023 model year. The automaker’s revamped commercial lineup will include the 1500 REV in late 2024, one of four electrified pickup trucks from Stellantis that will serve commercial consumers. Stellantis will release further details about its upcoming electrified van and pickups for North America at an unspecified date in the future.

The Pro One Initiative

According to Stellantis, its commercial vehicle business currently accounts for a third of its net revenues, with sales of 1.6 million vehicles a year, but the company expects the launch of Pro One will help it accomplish its goal of a 40 percent electric vehicle sales mix that will generate 5 billion euros in service revenues. The commercial vehicles will incorporate ten pickup trucks, five vans, and one micro-mobility automobile, according to the press release.

The commercial vehicles will also include a factory-built variant of a large delivery van, designed to improve efficiency for drivers, including a roll-up door at the back and a pocket door. In addition, four of the new electrified Pro One vehicles will debut in North America over the next two years, including a hydrogen-powered vehicle, along with the mentioned Ram ProMaster electric vehicle and the 2025 Ram 1500 REV. Rumors continue to suggest the ProMaster EV, which was supposed to debut in the first half of the year (2023), will share numerous similarities with the electric Fiat Ducato that is for the European market.

Technological Updates

The connected software for the Stellantis Pro One automobiles will integrate task management software, service packs for preventive maintenance, and eco-drive coaching to help drivers improve efficiency. The manufacturer claims 100 percent of its new pickups and vans will be connected by the end of 2023. The vehicles will be capable of receiving over-the-air updates beginning in 2026. Additionally, Stellantis will employ content advisors and brand product specialists to assist commercial buyers in selecting vehicles, services, and equipment configurations they need. 

It is worth noting that the Pro One initiative includes a retrofit program to convert light commercial vehicles with an internal combustion engine to an electric drivetrain. To clarify, it allows consumers to shift to zero emissions and diminish the total cost of ownership while keeping their existing Stellantis vehicles.

The Path to an EV Future

Pro One will also help Stellantis achieve its Dare Forward 2030 objectives, enabling battery-electric vehicles to account for 100 percent of its passenger car sales in Europe and 50 percent of passenger cars and light-duty truck sales in the United States by 2030. That said, Pro One is similar to Ford’s commercial business Ford Pro, which was announced in May 2021 as a separate business within Ford. 

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