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Different New Ram Truck for Everyone


Old trucks are out and new Ram trucks are in. The good news about new Ram trucks in 2016 is all of the different special-edition models. From dark and subtle, to bright and bold, and everything in between, Ram has a truck for all personality types. Aside from offering 31 colors on their line of trucks, Ram also has the Black Express, Outdoorsman, the Ram Rebel, and Yellow Stinger options to satisfy everyone.

The mysterious owners are the ones who are harder to read so they need a truck that is dark, yet loaded with features. The Ram 1500 with the Black Express appearance package is a perfect match for those who like to keep a little mystery in their lives. This package features a “black on black on black” appearance. The special black elements are 20-inch rims, a blacked out grille, black paint, black logos, black front and rear bumpers and a black cloth interior.

Down in South Florida there are a lot outdoorsy folks who love to fish, hunt, and enjoy nature. If that description sounds like you, you are in luck. The Ram Outdoorsman is dedicated to those who like to spend time outdoors. There are several features that make this truck perfect for the “outdoorsy types.” Equipped with tow hooks, an anti-spin rear differential for safety, a 5.7-liter HEMI V8 engine makes it perfect for towing boats or off-road toys to the wilderness. Read the rest of this entry >>

2016 Ram Heavy Duty Now Offered in 2500 Models

2016 2500 heavy duty

Now offering more variations to the pickup segment, Ram’s Heavy Duty will now be offered in the 2500 models as well as the 3500. There will also be extra configurations to cabin and bed sizes offered.

As 2016 Ram 2500’s continue to flourish, so do their buyers wants and needs. Where Ram pretty much every third vehicle in Texas, pickups are inherently a vehicle of the working class and they intend to keep it that way. That is because this working class has earned its badges, worked hard and now wants a fully decked out cabin in top trims and all that luxury has to offer.

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Everything You Need to Know About the Newest Ram 2500

If there is one thing that Ram knows a lot about, it’s pickup trucks. Featuring three top-sellers in the competitive segment, Ram trucks have proven to be the real deal when compared with other pickups. The Ram truck brand has three different levels of power under its umbrella, from the light duty 1500, the medium duty 2500, and the heavy duty 3500 – Ram has all of its pickup truck bases covered. For a brand that is just starting to come out of the wood work in a more serious way, Ram is giving other automotive manufactures a run for their money. Most recently, Ram introduced the latest 2016 Ram 2500 model. While this isn’t a new generation for the heavy-duty hauler, it certainly is a noteworthy addition to the Ram truck lineup. Read the rest of this entry >>

The 2016 Ram 2500 Now with Even More Trims

2016 2500 Road 2

No matter what you require of your pickup, no matter the job, Ram 2500 has you covered. The all new 2016 Ram 2500 offers more trims than ever before. Ready to perform any task you need it to, these trims provide endless options. The benefits to owning a Ram 2500 are now greater than any other pickup on the market today. Where other trucks shy away from too many tasks preferring to stay specialized, the Ram 2500 offers plenty of options so you can be confident that the trim you choose is exactly right for your lifestyle.

Whether your job is in the oil fields or soccer fields, ocean-bound or mountain top, the Ram 2500 has just the fit for you.

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